Pakistan v Australia | Second Test | Day 3: Session 1 | Leeds | 22/07/10

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Oct 11, 2008
Crucial session coming up. Match finely balanced. Its a matter of who wants it most. Lets hope for the best.
what is the weather forecast for today. hoping for overcast conditions till one and half
15 minutes from the ground, blue sky, sun is out, quite cold.

Not exactly what we wanted.
We will lose or win??that is a big q.but just enjoy Pakistan giving tough time to Champions
Come on bowling attack should be up to it. Aamer and Asif need to be at their best lets roll the aussies out cheaply.
Aussies are bookies favourites and rightly so. A lead of 130+ and Aussies will win this test!
in the sydney game, the aussies had lost 4 wickets when they crossed pakistans first innings score...
If we are to win this match we need to be batting today even if its in the third session.
Aus will bat all day today. Pak will start batting an hour before lunch tomorrow. They will be dismissed for around 120-140 an hour after tea. Lose by between 100-200 runs.
we had a chance if asad rauf was playing. sadly he cant be selected.
Aussies are bookies favourites and rightly so. A lead of 130+ and Aussies will win this test!
In my mind It's more even, or perhaps in Pakistan's favour slightly. It's only because of Sydney that those are the odds.

You have to remember that Australia are 2 wickets down before having eliminated the lead. More wickets could follow in the space of 34 runs. Plus those two wickets are good batsmen, perhaps the most consistent of late (watson and katich). Thus Australia are batting with at maximum 8 batsmen when they draw level. A clear disadvantage.

That's the way you have to look at it. Yeah Australian's batting line up is better, but our bowlers are better. And they have to get less people out than Australia (from when they draw level)).

As I said I'm not sure of a victory, but I don't think we're loosing at the moment. If the team exhibits the same sort of pessimism that some of the Pakistani fans are at the moment, then I'll be worried.
I will give this test match till dinner today, if pakistan manage to take atleast 3 wickets before lunch then they are still in the game, if not and australia manage to give them a lead of anything over 170 then match is goen out of pakistans hand.

it looks like this test match is 12 against 11

Lets hope for the best, i guess thats the only thing we can do HOPE !
Bunch of bloody pessimists I am still backing them until the final wicket falls
We are all getting nervous, because Pakistani batsmen are a different thing and don't play to the potential. I would like to know that which target is chase-able if our batsmen play to their full potential. I mean considering only the pitch and conditions and not the 'uniqueness' of our batsmen. 250?
Morning People! So, we've been here before haven't we? Yes, hard to forget but, we must if we want to win this one. I think positivity will win the match for either team. Pakistan haven't bolwed all that bad, they've just been a touch unlucky. Anyway, new day, new hopes. A few quick wickets and who knows. Australia are still in the red remember that.
come on boys....lots of negativity around....get behind the boys and support them...heres hoping for a great first hour, with atleast one of ponting or clarke (better both of them) back in the pavillion...
Salaam valaikum to everyone. Here we go once again. Aamer to start the proceedings.
Good start by Aamer. Ball not doing a lot though early.
Asif bowling too wide. Probably he is settling down!
This is what Test Cricket is all about. Patience and perseverance! Ponting could have been out 4 times in this innings already but you just have to carry on. It pays as you can see. Hint to the Razor Rangers too ...
Aamir's average is now 35.73. Hoping he can bring that down to early 30s - late 20s by the end of this England tour. :aamir
beautiful away swinging ball ponting got sucked into it. time for the kill!
I think Pontings wicket belongs as much to Asif as it does to Amir. Asif asked the right questions in his over, Amir followed up with the sucker punch. Hunting in packs is what bowlers do best they say ...
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