Pakistan v England | 3rd Test | DSC | Feb 3-7, 2012 | Day 2

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Sep 3, 2010
For years most of us, have been following Team Pakistan. Usually we always find a way out of nervy mornings. We make a come back from position where no one expect us to be. So many things have happened to Team Pakistan, it was like going through the series of bad events yet againt it emerge on top some how. That's team Pakistan for you.

Start of day 2, another make or break morning in the desert just under 3 hours before the the start of the play. Pakistan should look to attack & wrap the thing as quickly as they can. That's the only the way out the mess they made in the 1st innings.

Yet again our bowling put us on the top. Well I see some people here are saying to attack with spinners is not the Pakistani way. But I would accept as long as its working against the particular opposition. That's the way to go about against England

Seems like sooner than later , Moshin Khan will make back to his actual role .Let the actual coach come in, who can help the issues with batsmen here.

So stay Tuned in as we go through day 2.

Good Luck Team Pakistan
Pakistan should get this tail cheaply ....... and then bat well in the day ......Try and set england a target of 250 .
Not seen that many wickets fall in a day's play since 1996 in my back garden ... and at least that was a green seamer!!
Stuart Broad tweets after 16 wickets went down on the first day of the third Test between Pakistan and England in Dubai
Feb 3, 2012
If we can limit the England lead to about 50-60 then we are laughing

I think a target of 150+ will make things fun, anything above 200 and it would take an immense effort from England to grab the win
This should be a great day of test match cricket

Expecting a lot of resistance from this England tail, but our bowlers have done wonderfully well just to get us into a situation where we are still in the game

I'm sure we will bat with a lot more conviction in our second innings... which will hopefully start before lunch today!
england is ahead and pakistan have to bowl well this morning. If we can get them out with the lead of less then 50 or less, pakistan will win this game. Hoping to see england bowled out quickly.
Broad and Swann are dangerous! If they start hitting boundries with Strauss being there till the end, they can really get a big lead! But I would not want them to cross 30 runs lead! Pakistan needs to end them quickly and then occupy the pitch! Wait for the bad balls and put them away!
Hopefully we can restrict them to a 40-50 lead and then get 220 ish.
Anderson to hit a fighting half century. :131:


Nah, never mind, out first ball is my call.

On a sidenote: I am really amused by the first smiley.
Anderson will come out disheartened today. Didn't get any bids in the IPL :)))
I really like that both Broad and Anderson bat left handed instead of right.
here is the rehman wicket guys enjoy

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If staruss stays other don't play shots to protect him & keep getting out that works well in our favour as well. So I won't mind wicket from the other end.
once again early dive from broad .... saved him again

england lead by 15 runs ... 3 wickets in hand
So here's my
perfectly plausible prediction for the rest of
this match: England will rack up 364 with
Andrew Strauss and Stuart Broad putting
on 240. Then Pakistan will be reduced to 3
for 4 before Adnan Akmal makes the fastest
150 in Test history, helping Pakistan to a
lead of 63. England will then be 50 for 0
before losing 8 for 6 runs and somehow
Simon Taufel scores the winning
runs...Anything can happen in this series...

Hahahahaaa..........these cricindo guyz!!!!!
Pak not attacking broad enough got players on boundary they think he's Lara
why no hafeez so far???

two left handers are batting ...

Yes very strange indeed...Ajmal has been ineffective against the left hardens so far....and Hafeez hasn't been used the entire innings...sometimes Misbah's tactics baffles me
I think Pakistan should look to set england a target of 200 here, that would be tricky.
Why hasn't Hafeez bowled at all?

Its two lefty batting! For God sake get Hafeez on!!
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