Pakistan v England | ICC World T20 Super8: Match 1 | Bridgetown | 5/6/10| Eng Innings

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Jun 30, 2006
So Pakistan has scored 147/9.

England 148 to win.
Pakistan have something to bowl to. Asif's opening spell and the spinners hold the key.
I wanted 160 at the start. Then it looked like they will get 125.

Thanks to Ajmal they have 147. Match is on!
man I was so pissed off ..I turned my PC off once Amir got out but Ajmal did blast a few useful runs in the end. This will be competitive i.a
omg ajmal six in the end made my day.i wonder how did you get some much distance with that shot lol
Ajmal the unlikely batting hero for PAK.

Now he needs to win it for us with his bowling. Inshallah
Pak needs early wickets. Can not contain them, need wickets at regular intervals.
We have scored more runs than Aus and South Africa mangaed against BD and Afghanistan respectively yesterday at the same pitch
saeed-sohail said:
Time for afridi to earn his position.
which bozo gave him captaincy ?!

A liability if ever there was one - non-existent batter and sub-standard bowler!
Get 5 wkts in first 12 and we can fight. Only think which is worrying is the small boundaries.
we defended 140 odd against SA last year, so I believe we can do it again.

147 is the highest total in T20 international on this ground so we should be positive. However we need early wickets.
Brave and positive move if Razzaq is opening, could go for a few but it's worth the risk for me.
aamer to bowl yorkers and left armer angle making it difficult for morgan, prolly thats the mindset. I think its a good move.
cricketpassion said:
Razaq is opening the bowling

not a good move i must say when you are playing asif and amir. I think amir and asif should start, amir should bowl 2 overs and then bring razzi.
chukandar_gosht said:
is this the knockout round?

Pakistan are to play 3 games in the 2010 super eights.
Those against I think England, New Zealand, South Africa.
They must win 2/3 of those games to qualify for the semi finals.
i give up. razaq starting ? stupid stupid b********************
pie thrower opens the bowling :)))

New strategy from our captaan
Our bowlers batted well. Let's see if the batters now return the favor by atleast fielding well for the bowlers.
I think coach and captain should be fired. This is just a over-reaction from last game since he was not given to he is attacking..this is crazy
ALmost like we want Razzaq out of the way! Craziness - Where is Waqars advice?
If he can bowl 2-3 overs. I think it will be a bonus.

Good comeback.
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