Pakistan v South Africa | 2nd ODI | Dubai | 1/11/2013 | South Africa innings

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Hopefully another exciting finish, but this time Pak winning.
Is there any point in following this mediocre team? Batting is hopelessly inadequate

209 is not a defendable total. probably a good 50 runs shy of the par score on this wicket

The only way Pakistan can win this game is by bowling RSA out.

Pak up against it
112/2 and then lost 8 wickets for 97 runs... Bowlers can hopefully pull of a miracle.
Bowling is Pak's only strength as they say.... 210 is a very good total and I see no reason why Pak should not be able to defend it,if one can not defend a 200+ total on a difficult pitch bowling second against a team low on confidence in Odis for a year now,there is no point playing 6 bowlers, most teams will defend 250 here with so called poorer bowling units,I think it will be very tough for Sa to score 210 here
Pakistan may pull it off.

tough ask. SA won't repeat the same as the last time around.
I have some question which I would appreciate if anyone here can answer.

First, Is the pitch gonna slow down as the games moves ahead?

Second, What are the odds that due factor would make life for Pakistani bowler worse?
SA has only 5 decent batsmen,their best batsman is not playing,2 are awfully out of form for 12 months and 2 are bits and pieces players,that leaves them with 3 proper batsmen,tough ask for Proteas unless Pak choke here yet again with the ball,all Pak has to do is bowl a decent line n length,pitch will do the rest
lol @ that clown waving to the big screen after blocking the sightscreen.
You can play your strokes if there is a room available.

Waqar advertising his hotel empire again.
Afridi gives away free runs. Useless player. :four
Ingram off the mark :facepalm:
ofcourse we are defending 600 runs against an associate nation so we can afford to give 4 runs like that ..
Tanvir's run up seems quicker than the ball.
Smith is a busy player. Nasir needs to learn from on how to rotate strike.
Pakistan will win this, their bowling is strong enough and spin will choke out SA.
Ingram is a waste of space. Missed a straight delivery bowled at medium pace.

Where is Decock?
Ingram is a great player. South Africa should play him for the rest of the series. :D
Tanvir na wicket la lee wahab na 2 six mar diya :( junaid out for 3 matches more
First one bites the dust.

Just a bit of pressure and the Saffies are a nervous wreck.

Should be all over for them at the first sight of a spinner.
It's 10/1, par second innings score is 219.
we scored 8 runs in 6 overs and they have scored 17 runs in 3 overs :)
It took them 3 overs to get to the same position we were last match, but it had took us 10 overs...
whats there inside Hafeez's palm (probably left hand)? seems a strange kind of plaster?
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