Pakistan V West.Indies "A " 1st ODI

Amjid Javed

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Mar 3, 2004
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LONDON: Pakistan would be playing a couple of one-day matches against West Indies A this weekend at Shenley intsead of a two-day game as planned earlier, a Pakistan team official said on Friday.

Team manager Zaheer Abbas told this correspondent that the two teams have agreed to play two 50-over an inning games so that both of them get a better opportunity of providing their batsmen and bowlers with proper practice from the two-day outing beginning from today (Saturday).

He said that the change was brought on the request of the Pakistan team management. Zaheer said that it has also been agreed that there would be no restriction on the number of overs bowled by a bowler in the two matches. Normally, in a one-game a bowler can have a maximum of ten overs in an innings.

Zaheer said that Pakistan’s comeback star Shoaib Akhtar would benefit from the agreement. Shoaib would be playing a game for Pakistan for the first time since the Karachi Test against India in January this year.

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West Indies A squad

SC Joseph, RO Hinds, OAC Banks, TL Best, PA Browne, S Chattergoon, R Kelly, D Mohammed, J Mohammed, RS Morton, DB Powell, AP Richardson, DJG Sammy, LMP Simmons, DR Smith, DS Smith

Highlight players all have some decent international experience so it should be a good game.
Pak Team:

Taufeeq Umer, Imran Farhat, Mohammed Hafeez, Salman Butt, Faisal Iqbal, Kamran Akmal, Shahid Afridi, Abdul Razzaq, Shoaib Akhtar, Rao Iftikhar, Samiullah Niazi, Shahid Nazir (sub)
could be blessing in disguise...

who knows if shoaib was gonna get injured and the heavens have opened to prevent that?
Akhterrrrrrrrrrrrrr outttt bowled d smith 1 over 1 run and 1 wicket

He's backkkkkkkkk
Thats stupid why include Iftikhar Anjum in the pratice match and have Shahid Nazir (sub)?

I'd liked to see Shahid Nazir getting long practice.
Match has now resumed

west indies A are 11-1 of 5.1 overs with rao bowling!!!
There are 12 players? Is it going to be a case of all of them being allowed to bowl and 11 of them being able to bat or is one a 12th man?

Taufeeq Umar
Salman Butt
Abdul Razzaq
Imran Farhat
Mohammad Hafeez
Faisal Iqbal
Kamran Akmal
Shahid Afridi
Shoaib Akhtar
Shahid Nazir
Samiullah Khan
Iftikhar Anjum
17-1 double off Shoaib. Hope he picks up at least 1 more wicket, hoping for a 5 wicket haul. But if not, there's always tomorrow ;-)
Oh man, I'd like to see some clips of this match.

So If any PP'ers out there plz record some clips for us.

Thanks! :)
	LMP Simmons 	not out 	17 	131 	30 	2 	0 	56.66
	RS Morton 	not out 	30 	125 	36 	3 	1 	83.33
	    Extras 	(lb 1) 	1 					
	    Total 	(1 wicket; 11.5 overs) 	48
Batsmen R B 4s 6s
LMP Simmons 37 44 5 1
RS Morton 39 42 4 1
Samiullah Khan I say we give him a chance in Final Test along with Nazir!
I'm wondering, how a person who is struggling for a place in the test side is captaining Pakistan now :)))
Samiullah Khan

Despite is brilliant performance in all of the practice matches (Samiullah Khan's) he might not even get priority since M Sami and Rao Anjum around.

Those to useless and boring players ( M Sami and Rao Anjum) always get 1st hand priority over young talent from Inzi and stupid management point of view.
Well, we dropped him in the last test, so I'm thinking he's trying to fight for a place in the test side, IMO
zMario said:
I'm wondering, how a person who is struggling for a place in the test side is captaining Pakistan now :)))

This is a limited overs game and looking at the side only akhtar and razzaq are senior players and razzaq has shown domestically he can be a useful captain in one day cricket.
Great bowling by Samiullah, I can see our bowling line up like this (if Rana isn't fit) : Akhtar, Asif, Samiullah (ODIs)

In the tests, I can see it this way : Akthar, Samiullah, Nazir, Kaneria

Drop Faisal, bring in Afridi or Razzaq so the main pace bowlers dont get very tired.
Kamranz said:
They need another wicket...
Well, 10 overs left. Looks like we'll be chasing 200, but lets see if Akthar can do a miracle performance. I won't get my hopes high