Pakistan vs Australia | 1st T20 | 05/09/12 | Dubai (DSC) | Pakistan Innings

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Mar 30, 2012
Pakistan require 90 runs to win.
The innings will start in about 20 mins.
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Goodluck Pakistan! I want Nazir and Jamshed to open and Hafeez can come one down!
5 overs, 10 wicket win. Let's do this. :nj
Someone printscreen that list, look at Pakistani bowling owning Australia. :))
The trademark Maxwell ball.

Past the keeper for extras. :)
Nice start from Nazir...awful delivery...looks like we're gonna attack this total...
hafeez opening has he not seen his pathetic record as opener in t20 :facepalm:
Second lowest number of boundaries ever in a T20I today...only Bermuda have hit less (1)...
Hilfenhaus on, could be dangerous. Pakistan swung the new ball.
This flipping vodaphone advert on Ten Sports, is that the old guy from the film "Paa"
Not even a single tweet update about this incredible match by Cricinfo. BUT THEY FOCUS the ENG match
Another full toss. Nazir flicks it away for two more.
Nazir playing everything to leg so far. Another single.
for once, batsmen are showing some brains and going along without going overboard
That was a terrible shot by Nazir. Falls short. Brainless slog there.
Good stuff by Hafeez, walks down the wicket and gets 3.
Imran never learns. He is Afridi's brother when comes to shot selection
Kami should have opened this!! is so unfair with him.
they should aim to knock these off with no loss of wickets, that would be such a knock back for australia going into next game
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