Pakistan Vs South Africa | 2nd Test | Day 3| 16/02/2013 | Cape Town

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Oct 13, 2010
Expecting an exciting day of cricket today.

SA trailing by 199 runs with 5 wickets in hand , Elgar and ABD at crease.
Crucial day - Pakistan can really drive the advantage home
ajmal needs support... cant let abd dictate at the other end. elgar should be dealt with easily he uncomfortable against all spin even hafeez
Start with Irfan n Ajmal...and also bowl HAfeez a spell as a a mixture of old n new ball
Umar gul now should show his strength with the old ball .... he has to give his heart out bowl some brilliant yorkers and use the old ball with great effect .... its for sure ajmal need support from other end as well to maintain the pressure.

New ball can be delayed if ajmal is looking threatening

When new ball is taken ... Hafeez and Irfan should bowl with the new ball as Gul and tanvir will be ineffective with the new ball ... and when tail will be xposed during the new ball ... morkel and peterson are lefties and hafeez can be effective and apart from that Unfortunately or fortunately ... HAfeez is more threatening then GUL and TANVIR with the new ball in my opnion
hopefully we can get the, before new ball is neccessary. main worry is ABD, his wicket is crucial.
we need to keep our review in tact to keep pressure on Davis......
Disappointed with our umar gul was when he started his career, the way he rip through the best batting line up of india in 2004. And how he is now an average test and odi bowler, his wicket taking ability and skills have not developed at all, had amir and asif was still around he woudnt even be a third, purely on how inconsistent he has been over da yrs. he bowls so short in length even in SA pitches he doesnt uses his brain.
Alphabet making easing singles.

Making sure he has enough runs before facing the new ball and the Karachi Express.
Pak really missing a shoaib akhtar class bowler, man that guy was grt fast bowler. Wish we have someone like him now.:(
Gul leaking runs.....can't we bowl Tanvir's 115k's wide of outside off deny them runs and let Ajmal d frm the other end
good length ball he beats the bat next ball short short again. Sums up Umar Gul.
He is just banging them in with no purpose. Needs to bowl fuller.
Very defensive approach by misbah, it is time to dry up singles and incite them to play big shots. Singles will allow them to be comfortable.
47 162 6/135 33.78
that just sums up he's mediocre at best......
Ramiz has a point on gul ! Cant take wickets in SA, then you cant take wickets anywhere in the world.
If ABDV doesnt get out soon, he will take the game away from Pakistan
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