Pakistan vs South Africa | Faisalabad | 3rd ODI | 23/10/07 | Pak Innings

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its not loading for some reason :( oh well flash cricket it is :D
afridi dropped by kallis! Easy slip catch. Good to see the SA dropping ctaches too;)
Hameed consistingly falling over, coming too much across. he nees to sort out this quickly...
Afirdi's so lucky to be still there. He is playing with almost zero technique right now.
Yasir could have been useful in the tests. Is he trying to impress the test selectors with his leaves?
I know, I can never ignore him. As much as I hate Afridi, he always has me on the edge of my seat.
Man, Hameed is really struggling. Wonder why he was being considered as the "savior" for our opening problems a day or two ago.
28/0, when was the last time we saw an opening partnership of 28 without a loss
pull shot from Hameed for 4! Should do his confidence good. It's understanble he will be nervous after coming back into the side after some time.
Afridi playing the 'slog then single' game, good play. Sadly Yasirs playing the 'leave then block' game.
believe it or not, afridi is playing sensible, I never thought I would say this.
Our batting back up is soooo pathetic we always revert to the third rate no hopers like Hameed, Nazir, Butt, Hafeez, Farhat again and again. It is so depressing. That Khalid Latif is no better his foot movement is worse than the aforemtioned quads.
better thn an opener going for 0 good entertainment aswell well done afridi
look how easy the target looks from here, only because of afridi
Afridi has gone but his done his job! shabash!
Amjid Javed said:
Passenger Khan in now...

With the strike rate Hameed is playing at......who is driving the car if they are both passengers?

But great job Afridi, he did his job. I just wish he didn't have to get out to Pollock. He gets so happy when hegets a wicket and does that dumb fist clench.....even after he got demolished 4-6-4 in his over.
somebody talked about technique earlier, no technique questions should be asked for afridi, that's just the way he plays, but speaking of technique, what kind of technique is yasir hameed using?
At least Pollock didn't bowl 3 or 4 maidens looking at Hameed and the others before him this would have happened and the pressure would have built up. Now Younis khan can get run out for a duck as he likes to build pressure. :p
yasir hameed undoing afridi's good work....

he looks quite rusty.
WTH happened to Hameed. I don't remember him falling over this much before..? He's always been an offside player but he looks awful right now! Top order bat continuously falling over.
what a typical afridi innings. It had all the ingredients.

1. Crowd going beserk
2. Dropped catch
3 trying to play sensibly but beastliness takes over
4 over as quick as it started
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