Pakistan vs Sri Lanka | 2nd T20I | Dubai | 13th Dec | Pakistan Innings

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Azlan Khan

T20I Debutant
Aug 30, 2010
212 runs to win.

Huge total to chase down. All eyes on Sharjeel and Shehzad!
Afridi should be send as opener,and given license to slog wildly.
Like we are chasing 240 with Umar Amin in the team, would have been like chasing 170 with Haris Sohail in the team!
very tough this time for pak but hope for the best
my votes for u akmal and maqsood and hafeez
last best chase was by india who chased 207 in mohali i think. Time to set records.
Maqsood should bat ahead of umar akmal ! Leave the slogging to akmal !
If Pakistan chase 212 they should be declared world Champions for next 2 years.
We have problems chasing 200 even in ODIs.

What to talk about 20 overs.
Good thing here is that usman and bhatti have experienced the highest level of cricket now and they got their work cut out. Bhatti may consider throwing away his wicket at an important time again as his good work can get washed away easily with a performence like this.
It all Depends on how we play Malinga.
we also chased 202 against aus in rajkot in previous ind-aus series.

thats your thing. you people chase targets. its not our thing. our thing is stop them for below par total. Ok come on boys. come out positive and score big.

Ahmed shezad to become sachin. sharjeel to become sehwag
A lot of questions on hafeez's captaincy and selection of usman khan and umer amin. persisting with failures does not boost the confidence of the individuals and instead exposes them. should have had anwar ali and harris sohail in the team.
Need to get off to a flyer to ease the target. Just milk malinga and cash in on the rest.

I fear we will crumble to sl spin attack.

However plenty of talent and captain cool is there so no target is impossible. Hoping for a great match.

Come on pakistan you can do it.

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only indians know how to really attack Malinga
Shehzad is so selfish. Hit some boundaries, man!
We need to get the ball wet as soon as possible, best way for that is for some boundaries to be hit.
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