Pakistan vs Sri Lanka | 4th ODI | Abu Dhabi | 25/12/2013 | Sri Lanka Innings

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Time to win the toss and bat first and win and win the series too!
Srilanka shows sense.. They win the toss and bat first. So we could use some chasing practice on a flat pitch. Have to learn all of these traits before the 2015 WC. Cmon boys. lets win this.
hahaha misbah says i dont believe in winning tosses
Misbah needs some practice with the toss this guy has to be the worst in this aspect
Good test for pakistan in regards to having to try and chase and win. we will need to bowl well and restrict SL to less then 230 maybe today. Hopefully gul can do some damage early on.
Hopefully gul and junaid can do early damage. Chasing will be tricky as scoreboard pressure and run rate pressure always gets to us. We start slow and then see run rate creeping to 6 and then slog out. We must stay cool and calm. A fine test fr our youngsters in chasing high score situations.
Junaid needs to bowl abit fuller and he'll be more effective with the new ball. He's been bowling back of a length too much recently which hasn't allowed him to make use of all movement available.
So change tactics from SL as they opted to bat first this time!

Test for Pakistan bowl well than chase that down!
Sad and heartbreaking to see Anwar Ali not getting a game and bhatti still plays in spite of terrible show in last few matches.
Wow SL have dropped Prasanna. Thought he was a pretty handy batsmen. Bowling was decent too.

Perrera isn't a surprise, he's been pretty poor.
Get Dilshan and Sanga Out Quickly
we will Get them all Out quickly
Lanka will miss prassana,s quick runs as they could be the difference between winning or losing. All pressure on debutants to play a game which can give the series to Pakistan.
Hopefully with Pakistan bowling first we'll see some aggressive wicket taking bowling instead of trying to limit scoring.
Good start from junaid right on target 1st ball.
Hopefully Gul will get something out of this surface.
Poor stuff here from gul, hes bowling too short and going round the park.
Gul should be thanking his lucky stars there!
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