Rawalpindi Rams v Karachi Dolphins | 2nd Semi-Final | Faysal Bank Twenty20 | 15/10/20


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Dec 22, 2009
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Who will meet the Lions in the Final? :sohail
Start your pre-match banter here..

Danger men highlighted -
Karachi Dolphins squad
Afsar Nawaz, Ali Mudassar, Asad Shafiq, Azam Hussain, Daniyal Ahsan, Fahad Iqbal, Fawad Alam, Haaris Ayaz, Khalid Latif, Mohammad Sami, Mohammad Waqas, Sarfraz Ahmed†, Shahid Afridi*, Shahzaib Hasan, Sheharyar Ghani, Sohail Khan, Tanvir Ahmed, Tariq Haroon
Player to watch - Shahzaib 'hunchback murderer' Hasan.

Rawalpindi Rams squad
Ajmal Shah, Akhtar Ayub, Awais Zia, Babar Naeem, Fawad Hussain, Hammad Azam, Jamal Anwar†, Mohammad Ibrahim, Mohammad Rameez, Naved Ashraf, Naved Malik, Raza Hasan, Rizwan Sadiq, Sohail Tanvir, Umar Amin, Yasim Murtaza, Yasir Arafat*, Zahid Mansoor
Player to watch - Raza 'cold blooded assassin' Hasan.

RAMS Road to SF -> Beat Karachi Zebras by 28 runs, Beat Sialkot Stallions by 13 runs.
DOLPHINS Road to SF -> Beat by Hyderabad Hawks by 20 runs, Beat Lahore Eagles by 35 runs.

Should be a good contest -

:arafat Vs. :afridi

You've been warned.
Rams must improve their bowling and fielding performance. Specially in start they got intimidated by Imran Nazir and today it will be Shahzaib to greet them.

I will be supporting Rams but Dolphins haveto be favourite for this.
I hope Hammad Azam has a good game here and impresses Lala. This kid is almost ready for the international scene.
hoping Afridi plays well and don't disappoint me tonight.I am expecting quick fire 50 from the BOOM BOOM
Lets Go Rams!

Revenge Time for Twins loss. Go Out there and Slaughter these Dolphins.
Sohail Tanveer,Yasir Arafat Raza Hasan and Hammad Aazam all should run for their lives tonight.The monster is hungry
I want RR to win because they are underdogs

but but

What about LL vs KD Final ------ That would be explosive both teams bowling suck but batting......

400 runs to chase in 20 overs !
Future finalists batting first - good move. Pressure of runs on the board.

Karachi will choke once again hahahahaha. :amin
Watch out for Naved Qureshi (batsman) and Murtaza(spin bowler) from Rams. They will be key for us tonight.
Are you ready?


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Saying 'game' implies some form of competitive battle.

This will be a mauling :waqar

You are correct but gotta draw the punters in somehow. We'll try and let Afridi hit a couple of shots just to make the kids happy. :sohail
LOL, sorry but even with those fake horns, the dolphin still looks like a pushover.

Check out RAM horns to see what true warrior creatures have.

Karachi Dolphins are all set for the party guess what is on the menu :p
Alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! Go Dolphins ... Bahir say silky smooth ander say Beastly :))

Who are ya? Who are ya? Who are ya? Who are ya? :asif

Remains of Lahore eagles just to give you (rams) an idea of our work.
Karachi chokers will aptly choke again. Rams will put a sock in their blowhole.
Can somebody please tell me how to post a picture


When you press "go advance"-option you will see additional options and just press " manage attachements" button there and upload your picture.
When was the last time Dolphin's beat Sialkot? Because Rams did it just now. :)))