South Africa vs Pakistan | 3rd ODI | Johannesburg | 17/3/13 | South African Innings

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Does game start in 10 mins or 40 mins? So I know when to get out of bed and go down.
PAkistan win and will bowl first
why do i get the feeling we will lose to guys wearing pink clothes :facepalm: :facepalm:

Anyway great by saffers supporting the NGO.
Well done Saffers on supporting breast cancer today. Hope there are some ladies in bikinis today. :)
What is Misbah's obsession with chasing ??? He makes his decision worse by picking a terrible batting line up. Umar still warming the bench! :69:

Oh well, SA will bounce back and likely win today. We will pay dearly for Misbah's tunnel vision in the coming future.
Umar Akmal should've come in for Kamran Akmal, make him keep as well
Don't think SA will lose this one. Don't think PAK has it in them to chase again. Poor decision by captain clueless.
The ball will do something early on and if we can get some early wickets we can put them under preassure.

Remember this is a day game so no chasing under lights here so maybe it isn't bad to bowl first after all. Let's see.
It seems as though the pitch is a good one for fast bowling. I'm hoping Riaz can make use of it and get a few wickets.
Need to capitalize again Irfan should continue from where he left...........i have feeling we'll sneak this one as well GO GREEN GO beat these pinkies......:p
all our pacers can hit 140k consistently, same cannot be said about Saffers although they can seam and pitch the ball on the right spots
Amla with that lovely beard in pink :)
For a change i think in our next series vs IRE n Scots we should play in BArcelona like jerseys.....will be fun
I hope wahab makes most of this opportunity!

Happy to see gul out.. good riddance
PJ Mir, what does he know about cricket?

He has played 3 ODIs for Pakistan and took almost 200 wickets in FC.

Has also been involved in PCB, I think he was Paksitan's media manager some years ago and is also a member of MCC I believe?
Two or three of Pak players are playing pink drawers in support of fight against breast cancer. At least claimed on TV by the commies
Haysman: A couple of the Pakistani boys are wearing pink too, they bought pink jocks. There Shaun, thought that will make your day.
Pollock : Sometimes you give too much information mate

Good to see PAkistan play with genuine semaers hope they perform today
damn forgot to make fantasy changes,thought it was a DN game:facepalm:
That is out... no doubts..

A review wasted courtesy smith!
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