Sri Lanka v South Africa | 5th ODI | Colombo l 31/7/2013 | Commentary & Discussion

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Dilshan out for 99! how gutted must he be!

S.A 212/3 AFTER 39 OVERS.... so they could get 300 here
Another Huge Loss is anticipated for SA, unless DeVilliers doesnt throw his wicket for once
Quinton de Kock sort of resembles Alastair Cook:

Saffers be collapsin again.

Terrible ball from Perera and gets the edge of Du Plessis
We know why his name is "Faf" du Plessis then. :91:
Saffers looking like Pakistan right now.

And more approriately AB looking like Misbah right now
Oh, for those who are complaining about Farhaan Behardien's 1 off 22 balls, two other batsmen have made the exact same score: Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid. Brian Lara 1 off 22.

AB's gotta go in LOI. Their results in LOI have plummeted with an individually very good team playing much below their potential.

AB's also a terrible captain tactically, no clue and doesn't hold together well under pressure.

Make Botha captain or even Amla.

Well done Sri Lanka. They keep getting underrated and proving others wrong. A strong ODI side.
So they perform like champions against us with Steyn present. But play absolutely garbage against SL without Steyn.

Moral of the story, without Steyn their bowling is vastly average. Their batting isn't as good as I made out either.
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