Sri Lanka v W Indies | World T20 | Trent Bridge | 10/6/09


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Jun 27, 2003
West Indies WON the toss and decided to bowl first.

C Gayle resting for this one.
Although both of todays games are dead rubbers its going to be interesting to watch them to see especially how Sri Lanka and then Ireland play in the next match since they are both our rivals in the super 8s. I hope the pakistan team are doing the same!
No chris Gayle for W.I which is a huge below. I recon S.L will win this one.
I hope Andre Fletcher gets going again today...what a zabardast hitter he is...still remember one of his cut shots vs. Brett Lee in the 1st game...absolutely stunning shot
SL bowlers must be disappointed to see Gayle out, they now have to deal with the even more destructive Simmons.
jayasuriya doesnt really seem to be in form, he mistimed quite a few shots against the aussies as well, but then again you just never know when hes going to tick and be absolutely devastating. Just as i say that he plays a scorching drive...
Come on West Indies dont give them easy batting practise we have to play them next :D
This is very poor bowling on the whole from the windies so far...they dont seem all to interested, benn is coming on to bowl now lets see if spin changes things a bit.
Have to say one of best sights in cricket over last 15 years is Jayasuriya smashing bowlers all round the ground! Hes one of my fav players!
jayasuriya is showing his class and proving that age is not a limitation for him
Thank God that he has already played HIS innings of the tournament today in a dead rubber. If he had played that in one of the live games in the next round, the opposition would have been steam rolled with little hope of a come back.

I bet he is not going to replicate this innings atleast in this tournament.
Would have been great for him to get a 100 here. Great innings come to an end at 81.
midaz said:
Who said he is out of form...absolutely killing the bowlers

i had a feeling he would play an innings like that the moment i posted that comment lol great innings there helped by some ordinary bowling too. Although i doubt any attack couldve done anything when he in this sort of mood
Looked like he wanted to get out. Probably to let others get some batting practice. Maybe a signal from pavillion. I didn't see the replay but he looked to have started walking as it hit the pad and ball may have pitched outside leg
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Good spell from Benny, but SL still motoring along, been a downpour of runs against Edwards and Pollard, fielding is falling to usual low standards for Windies too.
With out Gayle at top of order W.I are going to need someone else to come to party if they are going to chase down a big total later!
watching the windies i think pakistan might have some competition in the poor fielding category!
Amjid Javed said:
With out Gayle at top of order W.I are going to need someone else to come to party if they are going to chase down a big total later!

Simmons is that man, he's got his party suit ready for later.
Looks like Simmo has come to the party early, he's got 4-16 now, SL falling apart 172 for 4 in the 18th
Woww... Great bowling there from Lendl Simmons. He has only bowled a couple of times before, and takes 4-19 after three overs in his first T20I bowling innings. Great Stuff especially when teammates around you are getting carted all over the field.

sri lanka opening the bowling with jaysuriya - interesting to see whether they do the same against pak
Nice dipping slow fulltoss by Malinga. Kind of like Akhtar's slow balls against England in 2005. Looked like above waist and then dipped. Goes down to about the height of pad and batsman had already gone swing and miss. The ball hits the leg stump 6-10 inches above the ground

Malinga to Fletcher, OUT, superb reply from Malinga, slower full toss has the leg stump on the ground, Fletcher was through with his shot way too early, he was aiming to deposit the ball in the crowd behind midwicket

b Malinga 13 (11b 1x4 1x6) SR: 118.18
W.I 50/1 after 4.5 overs

Giving it a thrash here...
Sri lankas extras and fielding has been shocking so far!

They need to get the spinners on!
Windies need to get Chanderpaul in quick, otherwise they are going to seriously challenge this SL score.
Simmons with a reverse sweep/pull of mendis for 4! Superb shot!
W.I top 3 is pretty much a collection of calypso cow lashers! No footmovement but imense bat speed and hand co-ordination!
murali is causing a lot more problems than mendis right now...geez im having some proper bad luck today...mendis takes a wicket the moment i say that!
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Sri Lankan spin twins turn game on its head in space of 2 overs!

71 needed off 30 balls.

122/4 after 15 overs.
whatever that fielder did is that legal? six or not a six? whacked the ball back into the field from over the boundary

Mendis to Sarwan, 3 runs, sensational commitment from Mathews at long-on, Sarwan had smashed it to the long-on boundary, Mathews took a great overhead catch, the momentum was taking him over the line, he throws the ball up in the air before crossing the rope, theb ball also crosses the boundary but it is in the air, Mathews is behind the rope but he jumps to slaps the ball back into play, ball doesn't cross the rope after that, and after an eternity of replays it is decided that will be only be a three
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Bravo playing a Gem off inns here but task looks a little to steep!
If matthews is in the air but behind rope and touches ball i guess hes still in play? Hmmm
Sarwan aking leaf out of Maliks book, the only difference is that his partner is on fire.
Bravo gone after a good knock.

Malinga ends with 2/45 after 4 overs...
39 needed off 12 balls....

S.L should win this...
Looks like game over for W.I brave effort but Mendis/Murali killed there chances in early mid-over sadly.

Both teams look like they may reach semis if they continue to perform well.
Lanka and Windies are up there with RSA and India as top contenders.

If we can get by Lanka on Friday we should have a clear path to the semis.

It will all depend on getting Jayasuria and Dilshan out quickly.
M&M = 8 overs 3/45 and that lies the difference between winning and losing!
Sri Lanka, S.A two most impressive teams ive seen so far.

India and W.I will be up their as well!
That six saved from fantastic stuff :|

And SriLanka has the best bowling line up but they are still depending too much on the top 3 and even mahela looks out of sorts.
Law of averages: one day these guys will have to fail, what will happen then?
*sallu* said:
That six saved from fantastic stuff :|

And SriLanka has the best bowling line up but they are still depending too much on the top 3 and even mahela looks out of sorts.
Law of averages: one day these guys will have to fail, what will happen then?

I expect Maharoof to replace Mathews for the next match. He is a good 20/20 bowler and a good finisher lower down the order.
Just got this media release from the ICC.

The West Indies team has been fined for maintaining a slow over-rate during its 15-run loss to Sri Lanka during the Group C match in the ICC World Twenty20 at Trent Bridge on Wednesday.

Chris Broad of the Emirates Elite Panel of ICC Match Referees imposed the fines after Denesh Ramdin’s side was ruled to be two overs short of its target at the end of the Sri Lanka innings when time allowances were taken into consideration.

In accordance with the ICC Code of Conduct regulations governing over-rate penalties, players are fined five per cent of their match fees for every over their side fails to bowl in the allotted time, with the captain fined double that amount.

As such, Ramdin was fined 20 per cent of his match fee while his players received 10-per-cent fines.

The offence is contrary to Section J of the ICC Code of Conduct which relates to slow over-rates. For such offences, the decision of the ICC match referee is final and binding.
The don't practice the run penalty anymore? I remember 2-3 years ago in English T20 it was 5 run penalty for every over or something like that