Sri Lanka vs South Africa 3rd T20I - Hambantota - Aug 6, 2013

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what a knock from du plesis:14: some really wonderful shots.
even though t20 ratings are highly volatile, if Pakistan becomes no.1 it is still quite an achievement as this is one format Pakistan has been extremely consistent and under Hafeez they have shown a marked improvement
Another four and another misfield...this is getting a bit comical
Since Hafeez has taken over, Pakistan's form in T20s:

vs Srilanka in Srilanka 1-1
vs Australia in UAE 2-1
Semi Finalists in T20 WC ( Beat NZ, Bangladesh, Australia, and South Africa)
vs India in India 1-1
vs South Africa in South Africa 1-0
vs West Indies in West Indies 2-0

Overall record: Played 16 Won 11 Lost 5 Winning Percentage 69

One thing to note Pakistan has played no minnows in this time frame...

Keep going Pakistan
163 f 3 after 20 overs...a very competitve total especially considering this series, but this wicket looks a belter

Get Jayawardene and Dilshan early, the game is South Africas
Cannot believe Philander not playing for South Africa but participating in Tamasha CPL :facepalm:
If SA wins this will be 1st time a team is whitewashed 3-0 in Tamasha format :p
Has anyone noticed how biased these commentators are? Only discussing SL lol.
Tsotsobe winning the match for Lanka fielding and bowling, brilliant performance by him.
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