The Ashes | 2nd Test | Adelaide | 7/11/2010 | Day 5

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May 25, 2009
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15 minutes from the start of the last day

Broad injured and chances of rain after lunch. That helps even the odds but still England should win unless Aussies do something outstanding
The clouds and early start should favour England with the second new ball but the prospect of thicker, rain-bearing clouds will keep Australian hopes more than alive. For them, it's a question of survival

For England fans more comfortable with catastrophe than they are with success there is news about the stomach injury that Stuart Broad picked up. The scans have not looked good and rumours are he could be out for six weeks, which is very sad for him. For today it means England have lost one pillar of their four-man attack.

Hussey must produce another knock today and help draw this match. 137 isnt much between 3 batsmen (north haddin and hussey). And a little more from the middle order would ensure that eng bat again. Its gonna be a draw, more than likely. Or i hope atleast, lol.
If Hussey does it thrice in a row its going to be nothing short of a minor miracle

One positive from Australia's point of view is that of course Broad is injured and England have a 3 man attack including the rubbish of Finn
9.50am The latest news is that Stuart Broad is out of the Ashes. Big blow for England and for the man himself.
Finn is rubbish but still manages to take wickets, unlike the aussies! They have me exasperated like the pakistani team. I want them to win!!! And its gnawing at me constantly.
Could be any one of the 3 quickies really but I remember Nasser Hussain mentioning like for like replacements

Finn and Tremlett
Anderson and Shahzad
Broad and Bresnan

If thats true, Bresnan is going to come in
9.50am The latest news is that Stuart Broad has been ruled out of the Ashes series and the Australia ODI matches that follow with a torn abdominal muscle. Big blow for England and for the man himself. We'll have more on that as soon as we know.

North and Australia off the mark for the day
Swann to North

Should be interesting
Slater : North playing for his career today
Marcus north till the end, not out? Lmao!

But i hope to god its possible
2 over negotiated safely from Australia's pov

Just 97 more to go :yk
KP continues

Strange tactics

Surely Anderson should have started
KP dishing up rubbish so far, perhaps hes saving a surprise ball
England giving North a soft start, not what they want
The guy deserved a 100
Especially the ease with which he handled Swann
Yeah, clarke did deserve a 100, to think kp got the wicket was crazy, and that too on the last over of the day

50 for Hussey

What an Ashes so far
I hope he can continue his form and play for another year?

That was a good ball, lol another survival for north
New ball taken and Finn bowling rubbish as usual
Anderson to bowl?

Or gamble with Swann with the cherry?
Jimmy into the attack

This spell will be crucial
Swing in - Tucked away for a single by Hussey
Identical stroke by North for another single

Into double figures :O

Finn again

Everyone hates him but got the best stats on either side by far
To be fair to Hussey, the shot was on, it was a long hop rubbish ball
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