The Huntsmen Press Conference


First Class Player
Feb 9, 2011

I have enjoyed a good time at The Huntsmen and built a solid team who can beat anyone. But, it is time for me to leave... and with that:

I Quit
Good bye, i will always be thankful to you for gifting me Fernando Torres. :91:
Inshallah I will be back for the next season and if Ibad allows I can stay at the club?
your club is still looking for a manager. If you get an assistant for your team for this season you still be the main manager for the next season.
Ibad can you be the assistant manager of The Huntsmen please
well sorry but i can't be the assistant of a team these days as i am busy. But i am giving you time to get an assistant for your team and till that time your in-game assistant will handle your team.