West Indies v England | 4th ODI | Bridgetown | 29/3/09

And Lendl can now discuss the run out face to face.

Sarwan is BOWLED

12thMan said:
KP has injured his back and leaves the field after bowling 5 balls

Why would a South African want risk Indian IPL cash...for England's sake?
The funky cricket music 'Soul Limbo' playing in the background!
32.2 Mascarenhas to Chanderpaul, OUT, massive blow! Persisted with that irritating line just outside off, Chanderpaul tried to nudge that down to third man, got a thin edge and Prior made no mistake. England on top!
S Chanderpaul c Prior b Mascarenhas 27 (53b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.94

34.4 Mascarenhas to Pollard, OUT, excellent catch by Flintoff, but he seems to have touched the ropes! The runs were difficult to come by, Pollard's eyes lit up after he saw that ball pitched up on the off stump, had a wild swing at it, didnt get hold of it and Flintoff at deep midwicket took it above his head with a leap and it just looked, seeing the replays, as if his left foot had just nudged the ropes on his way down. There was definitely some movement, the umpires, though, have given it out
KA Pollard c Flintoff b Mascarenhas 0 (7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

West Indies 145/6 after 35.0 overs
40.4 Broad to Sammy, OUT, timber! Bowled at 84.6 kmph, a hint of inward movement, landed on a good length on the off stump, pushed Sammy back, kept a little low, broke through his defenses to crash into off and middle
DJG Sammy b Broad 6 (15b 0x4 0x6) SR: 40.00

Wii 173/7 (40.4 ov)
Nikita in
Power play taken and last two overs 12 and 14 runs
Bravo on 45 off 56
WI 199-7 after 43 overs
203-7 off 44 overs (effectively 8 down)

Another player leaving the field - now its Miller
Flintoff is off the field, don't know why. A series of injuries here. Kiniti Millar, too, is trudging off with his physio. Appears to be a side strain he sustained when he was caught off that no-ball.
Bravo again - now a SIXER

Anderson getting tonked about
Shot of the series!

Dwayne Bravo beautifully carreses Flintoff through the covers for 4!

What a shot!

Could watch that all day

Fidel gone

Holes out at long off

224-8 off 46.5 (poss 9 if Nkita dont bat)
47.2 Flintoff to Bravo, OUT, gone, identical delivery, attempts an identical shot, connects it this time, but not well enough, finds the substitute fielder Ian Bell who snaps it comfortably at deep midwicket, the end of a valuable innings

DJ Bravo c sub (IR Bell) b Flintoff 69 (72b 7x4 2x6) SR: 95.83

Nikita Miller is coming back in

WI 228-9 after 48 overs @ 4.75
Windies struggle to 239-9 off 50 overs

Eng need 240 to win
cut off time is 9:30 London time. Hopefully they can get a 20 over chase, that would be fun
The cut-off time is 4.30 pm local time according to the radio, which is around 20.30 GMT.

45 min away from that. Play was to start in 5 min but covers back on
I'd rather watch the rain fall than highlights of another game....
Covers coming off. If we have 20 overs, then Target will be 135 - will England choke again!
tick tock tick tock - someone there look at the clock. 10 min left to cut off time.

News in that Gayle has said the 5th ODI next Friday, players might not take field if disputes with WI cricket board are not resolved
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play to start in 3 mins, target 135 off 20 overs
Strauss and Bopara walking out to bat
Good Inns by Bravo to keep W.I in game.

So england need to show there 20/20 skills here... which usually are pretty lame!
Run rate needed isnt to bad, intresting to see englands approach here

2/0 after 0.2 overs....
Why is there such a long gap between this match and the fifth ODI on Friday? I would have thought the touring team couldn't wait to get back home after a long tour. These 4 days could have been scheduled before the start of the tour before first test match to get the touring team acclimatised to the conditions.
On_the_up said:
Pietersen cannot bat higher than no 7, due to being off the field.

Thats what he wants - to be far away as possible!
England picking up singles and rotating strike well so far.
England shouldnt have too much trouble winning from here
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Andrew Flintoff has an injured thumb and will only bat if necessary
Apparently English players will loose out on some of the IPL money due to it starting 1 week later, and therefore they will miss out on 1 weeks pay. Quite significant in KP and Freddie's case.
Strauss with another 4, just over the fielders head
and another one, Strauss on fire.