Windies v SA score thread

Rob H

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Oct 6, 2004
2 early losses for the windies in the same over. Nel took the wickets of Smith and Ganga
51-2 the current score
latest --> west indies 68/2

wicket is bone dry and 400 is a minimum here i think. ball will reverse sometime in afternoon.

wavell hinds has looked good thus far and donavan pagon has looked very neat player...
pagon getting better and better, so much time to play the ball. very straight in defence. only his 1st game but guy looks alot better than a few others tried recently..

latest 82/2
wavell hinds continues to trash the loose ball around.. hes onto 46

score 86/2
yeh, i was until my sis decided to watch a music channel :((
50 for wavell hinds... good inns thus far

gets there with leg glanced 4

w.i 93/2
Good to see the Windies doin well without all the big names.
west indies 96/2 - good batting from hinds and pagon

crowds been awesome, lots off noise and atmosphere.
Shocking over rate. Only 26 overs. Maybe Nel should more time bowling and less time sledging.
Whats the latest on Sarwan/Gayle...didnt they canacel their agreement with C&W and make themselves available for the 1st test?

WICB is worse than PCB & BCCI combined!
They cancelled contract but they weren't ready in time for the 1st test
gayle and sarwan delibrately cancelled 1day b4 test to make a point...! i hope all the new comers do well and the oldies shudnt be allowed back!
I'm also glad Kallis went for 14 off 2 overs. Serves the selfish git right.
RH said:
I'm also glad Kallis went for 14 off 2 overs. Serves the selfish git right.

:)) :)) dont worry when lara and co are back... kallis wont bowl due to tight hamstring ;-)
pagon goes to a loose shot for 35... a sad end to what was some promise...

skipper chnaderpaul in now...

west indies 106/3

nel has 3 wkts today...
I do get a feeling tht this thread shud better be titled as
South Africa VS West Indies A ;)

As all the main players of the WI are out due to some contract problems
chanderpaul must have the worst stance in world cricket today... but some how it works for him..!

lastest 133/3
Boje into attack and straight away hinds goes after him..!

latest 150/3

pitch already starting 2 keep low on day 1!
what a shot... hinds smashes boje out off the stadium...! its on the main road!
Boje is only bowler who shows variety in s.african attack.. rest off it is medium fast seam up.

hinds ahs done right thing here going after him.

hinds is a good batsmen, who shud be doing better average wise.. i remember his debut series v pakistan where he scored 160+ in 1 tests.
shockingly Boje has been taken off and skipper graham smith on now!
100 for hinds.... very well played.

great responsability shown!

latest 173/3
latest --> w.i 201/3

jacques kallis is bowling agen... *** am in shock!
100 partnershio...followed by a peach of a drive by Hinds...Saffies looking ragged.
The crabs batting very well.. hes onto 47 with a leg glanced for 4

w.i 219/3
what a shot....! thumping straight drive for 4.

for me shot off the day...! no better shot in test cricket then a straight drive past the bowler!
Fantastic atmosphere-great crowd;calypso cricket; fans up trees; runs galore!

Just like old times.
Hinds doing a 'Greenige'...injured and scoring at twice the speed'
Oxy™ said:
Fantastic atmosphere-great crowd;calypso cricket; fans up trees; runs galore!

Just like old times.

exactly... this is a test match u would wana watch!
west indies 258/3

hinds 145 c`paul 58

152 run partnership...
150 for wavell hinds... off just 183 runs... wishing that hinds was on strike with rest lol

west indies 263/3
150 up for Hinds.

Classy inngs. And he is injured.
I dont ever recall a side looking so ragged and lost so early on in a test match.

Smith doesnt have a clue what to do...and people criticise Inzi.
west indies 275/3

hinds 161 not out... dropped on 12 by herschelle gibbs! ouch!

i bet gibbs feels like an idiot!

Oxy, smith is a poor captain. even worse than inzi!
West Indies 283/3 off just 64 overs...

if we get full 90 west indies shud be on 400!
Atleast when pakistan tour we dont have to get out off bed @ 4am...!

all matches start about 2/3pm uk time which is better

Hinds has beaten 165(highest score) he scored v pakistan in his debut series!

currently on 169!
300-3 @4.35 an over.

Almost Australian in style!
what a shot by hinds slaps a pull shot for 6!
201 runs partnership in just 245 balls

hinds onto 181 off just 209 balls!

c`paul 71 off 126 balls (fast by crabs normal speed)
West Indies 347/3 (80.5 ov)

Issay ketay hein PHAINTAA !!

WI scoring at above 4 an over for the loss of only 3 wickets in 80 overs. Must be an absolutely DEAD track or really bad bowling by SA.
South African bowling is usually mediocre with the absence of Pollock
Gambitt...both. Flat track, but really bad bowling also.
347/3 off just 80 overs

captains inns by chanderpaul very good ton

i also hope wavell hinds gets a triple ton.. hes currently 188*
start off day 2 delayed by an houre wet outfield!

always bloody rains in guyana!
not many runs today... squeezing things up
200 for wavell hinds... congrats! his 1st in test cricket!
wavell hinds is in majestic form pure classical straight drive for 4...

hinds 208*

w.i 380/3
386-3 at lunch. Hinds on 210 and Chanderpaul on 117. West Indies in a very strong position even without Lara, Gayle and Sarwan.
after lunch session has been go slow...

w.i 390/3
:(( :(( :(( hinds gone for 213

caught behind by boucher... off langfeldt

west indies 390/4
chanderpaul continues to pick off bad balls...

w.i 405/4 now...

target shud be 600 here...
429-4 at the moment. Nel is getting vexed out there. He wants a wicket and he wants one now!
Shiv gets his 150!!!!!!!!! Well done lad!
Shiv on 199. 1 more for what will be a sensational innings from the captain.
200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done Shiv! Well played!
203 for chanderpaul well done...

w.i 543/5
152.1 Boje to Chanderpaul, FOUR, leg side, full, clips that past
midwicket and thats his first 200, gets a hand shake from Ntini
Have they declared? I think they have. If so this could backfire.
declared yes...

what a captains knock....

west indies B side and hes lead from front in his test as skipper.