WT20 | Bangladesh vs Pakistan | Group 2 | 30/03/14 | Mirpur | Pakistan Innings

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Apr 19, 2010
Bangladesh vs Pakistan | World T20 | Group 2 | 30/03/14 | Mirpur |

Toss in 15 minutes.
Hopefully Tanvir for Bhatti
AND Sharjeel for Malik

will be the two changes.
Hafeez looked very confident on Dunya News..looks like a big knock is coming from him today..
I think the only change today is Tanvir in for Bhatti
Heard it'll be only one change.


I'd however bring in Talha for Bhatti and Sharjeel for Malik.
bold decision that of dropping Malik for Sharjeel..looks like Hafeez was listening to Waqar.
Get 180 plus here Hafeez needs to fire today so does Shehzad
The no sharjeel part is bugging me more. Why is malik so supported by the management.
Bangladesh has only won once against Pakistan across all formats..In the 1999 WC
Tanvir over Junaid. We really are doing everything to shatter the lad's confidence, aren't we? Been going on since the Windies tour.
Fact: When pak score over 150 in t20 they always win.

Not always. We lost just once after scoring 150+.
That was against Australia in the semifinal of WT20 2010 when we scored 191.
They said that on star sports just now, I guess they are wrong then?
If India lose to Australia and Pakistan win both their matches would they go top?
Isn't Malik embarrassed to be still here? They don't trust him to bowl and he makes a fool of himself batting.
Anything above 140 would be easy win for Pakistan.
Hopefully Tanvir will be molested today by the Bangalis so that he doesnt cost us in the semis if we get there
I am always Baffled with Pakistan selections , Shehzad continues to play , despite having clearly shown he wastes too many games. This will cost against better teams
IMO, Sharjeel and Kamran should have been opening with Shezzy in the middle order.
Bhatti should have played , he is better than Tanvir , one bad over does not mean you drop him , by that logic :hafeez should never have played more than 10 games
How many of you guys stand up during our national anthem?
How many of you guys stand up during our national anthem?

Not usually when at home. But few times watched matches in multiplex and we would always stand up.

Some multiplexes even play national anthems before the movies, and we always stand up.
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