Zimbabwe vs Pakistan | 1st Test | Harare | 04/09/2013 | Day 2

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Jun 22, 2009
Pakistan are 249 /9 , Ajmal on 49* and Rahat Ali to face
:basit said last night Pak should not take roller when they are bowled out
Big day for Ajmal!! Could get a hundred and run through Zimbabwe :)
looking forward to Ajmal's batting and Rahat's bowling..
Misbah needs to go all out in the first 12-15 overs. Slips, gully and hopefully no Hafeez.
good ball..already looking more threatning than Junaid..
This one left the batsman. Cmon Rahat bring the last one in and knock the off stump
bringing the ball back consistently now..looks like he was work hard on inswingers back home..
he can only angle away from the right handers Junaid..but when it comes to bringing the ball back he struggles a lot..
no matter what the result of this game with this standard of cricket SA will thump us in UAE.
just tuned in, was hoping to c ajmal's fifty, but very dissappionted to see 49 out :(
Safe to say that in opening overs so far...rahat ali looks a lit more menacing
LOL what toothless opening bowling :D

Gone are the days of wasim waqar asif aamer and akhtar and people say junaid is better than aamer.
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