121 run lead and 59 overs left (day 4) [27/03/05]

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Amjid Javed

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Mar 3, 2004
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pakistan need to look to bat for 48 overs here.... get to 300 and pull out.

Then have a go at india for say 9 overs (2 overs lost for change off inninings)

needs an afridi special here.... come king off pathans....!

it needs the flashing blade for about 15 overs atleast.....!

pakistan need to score atleast 4 r.p.o ....

time to sacrifice a possible loss to win....

fortune favours the brave.... ;)+ ;)+
well said amjid bro!

I'll say bat for 52 overs and put India in for 5 or so.

If we go at 4 an over that will mean we score 208...a lead of 329.
Come on boys lets make 279 in 48 overs

That will mean a Pakistan run-rate of 5.8 and target of 400 for India.

We will have 10 overs today to bowl at Indians and they will have to chase 400 in 100 overs at 4 an over.

Come on boys !!!
hash, pakistan shud look to get another 100 runs say in 1st 15-30 overs....! then play lasy 18 overs on slog mode....!

pakistan can get 200 in 48 overs.... that means 321

then india have 99 overs to bat out...
flying start 22/0 off 2.4 ovrs

lead 143 ... 56.3 ovrs left in day
pakistan 73/0 off 9.3 ovrs

lead almost 200

49.2 overs left still also
Pakistan lead by 199 runs Day 4:

Pakistan 2nd Ing 78-0 (10.3 Ovs)
Y Hameed * 26 (39)
S Afridi 46 (25)

A Kumble 2.0 - 1 - 6 - 0
S Tendulkar * 0.3 - 0 - 1 - 0

CRR: 7.43
Go for the Kill in post tea session!

specially after seeing off first 5 to 7 overs they should go for the kill in the next 13 overs and score more than 100 in that period!

Razzaq should be the next man in or even Akmal!

on the whole we should get atleast 120 in the next 20 overs and then declare giving India 16 overs to play today and 90 overs tomorrow!

353 in 106 overs is going to be a gr8 total to defend aswell as Indian side will think they have a chance to win so they will play their shots and give pakistan chances!

best of luck to TEAM PAKISTAN!
Pakistan 133/1 (lead by 254 runs)

28 overs gone - 31 overs left.....

pakistan shud bat for another 17 overs here and look to get another 100 runs and declare
hameed and YK need to be agressive here... india will not chase 300.....
heres being more agressive then block block khan!
Pakistan shud get 330 and declare

no way will india chase 330 batting last! 2ndly pakistan need as many overs as possible to bowl india out....

time to show some guts and look to get 10 wickets...

a draw doesnt benefit pakistan!
sehwag will chase 330 and he'll get before the end of the day tommorow they nedd atleast 420. highest ever chase has been 402. india will play for draw
incredibly ridiculous tactics by pak ...i expected them to set a target of 400 in the least time possible...

But it looks like Sehwag has put the fear of god in them and they are playing it too safe....
umar, no team has ever chased over 270 in india batting last
i bet u £100 now... india will not chase 300+ to win shewag or no shewag!
pakistan lead 339 now... theres no need 2 keep batting here!
what BS captaincy here by inzi... pakistan had more than enuf runs when they got 300....
With A lead of 343, it's time to declare

We need enough time toi bowl India out. Maybe with some luck we could gets Sehwags wicket today.

Common Inzi. It's time to declare
you did not have to start a new thread just to say that!

common sense!

for the record I think we should bat a couple more overs

for the record I think we should bat a couple more overs

I disagree. We need as much time as possible to bowl India out
343 or 350 was ideal, as only 2 sides in HISTORY have chased more than 250 in a test in India - last being windies - the great windies side in 1987
they cant get 3 of our wkts, how will we take 10 of theirs?

they cant get 3 of our wkts, how will we take 10 of theirs?

They can't get 3 of our wickets because they are not interested in getting wickets. They main interest is to play for a draw.

Pakistan will go all out for a win. The field placing will be different. The mindset will be different
umar, do you understand we have 2 win this test?
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