2nd Test, Day 4 scorecard and discussion [19/03/05]

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can u include my summary into it?
i just made a thread for this..but since u've done so..then can my summary be included?
so which 2 bowlers should start the day?
well for me Razaq and Kaneria..
although there would be a temptation to start with Sami...
and who knows if sami get's Ganguly early, he might have his tail up
i missed yesterdays play- i know sami got the two wickets, but aside from that was his bowling much better or was it just those two good deliveries?
Hi guys. Asslamo Alaikum. How u all doin?
Salaam ppl...big big session ahead could b decisive..but i fel we can chase around 300
Sami bowled probably the best he has done all series yesterday kashif. Wasnt just those 2 deliveries.
yea this session before lunch is v v important for both teams hopefully we can get the wall out. he hit a nice four now on kaneria tho
Raz said:
Sami bowled probably the best he has done all series yesterday kashif. Wasnt just those 2 deliveries.

great good to hear- hope he continues that for the rest of the series !!
Yeah sami bowled pretty well but still very erratic. 45 runs off his 10 overs is evidence to that.
Is it me or is Dravid's helmet way way 2 big for him?!
Sami not used the yorker yet! I wanna see that!
Not really was in the air but fielder at short leg was a little deep.
how fast is sami bowling??

and yep raz, i dont know why sami doesnt bowl more yorkers- its his best ball by far.
maybe he's saving it? make the batsmen comfortable to face his bouncers..and then out of nowhere uproot their off stumps with his yorkers..possibility?
Sami bowling in mid 80's. Hes probably afraid of getting it wrong and giving juicy deliveries. He needs to show faith in himself.
yeah i want to see him try a 95 mph yorker- no way gangs can handle that.
agree raz...thats the best way to buid up confidence...ppl can only help u to an extent...after that, its all up to u
now i want to see another sami hat trick- been waiting a while- he needs to challenge laxman with a wicked yorker !!!
inhis next over..sami needs to expose his yorker..because dravid has been there for a while...but laxman is new, he has lots of pressure on him because he can be dropped any time, and he is very nervoud..sami needs to bowl yorkers, unnerve him and get his wicket
good spell of bowling by sami was bowling his heart out and it was only matter of time he got ganguly out!! I am pretty happy he went for the catch himself lol poor guy had few catches dropped of him in the first match...

I hope he comes good for us today and takes another wicket very soon!
You notice how Shastri always thinks the match is "Nicely Balanced" and then goes on to say "Pakistan needs another wicket to get back in this game"??
OUCH MAN i feel sorry for that guy that looks painful man i had something like that a few months back it hurts man!
nasty blow his dwn n out oh yeh baby wot a ball loooooool sorry but tahst awesome
I think it was in the 90's ouch man as much as I want him to go..I dont want any1 to have that hope he is fine neways lets go! lol Karthik hits a 4 rite away
Edgy shot from Karthik. Wasnt in full control.
well karthik has hit a 4 on his first 1/2/3 balls every innings this series but then screws up...hope same happens again
he's really made the indians lok like babies..

sehwag couldn't play it..ganguly couldn't play it, laxman couldn't play it and NOW...

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