Australia v West Indies | CT 2009 | Johannesburg | 26/9/09

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Mar 15, 2006
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Windies won the toos and elected to field at Jo'Berg.

Australia v West Indies, ICC Champions Trophy, 2009: September 23, 2009

Venue: Wanderers

Stats say: (last five completed matches, most recent first)

Australia - LWWWW
West Indies - LLLLNR

Pitch :

Australia squad

SR Watson, TD Paine†, RT Ponting*, MEK Hussey, CJ Ferguson, CL White, JR Hopes, MG Johnson, B Lee, NM Hauritz, PM Siddle

West Indies squad
DM Richards, ADS Fletcher, DS Smith, TM Dowlin, FL Reifer*, DE Bernard, DJG Sammy, CAK Walton†, NO Miller, KAJ Roach, GC Tonge

Match scheduled: Hours of play (local time): 09.30 start, First Session 09.30-13.00 Interval 13.00-13.45, Second Session 13.45-17.15

Toss : West Indies have won and elected to field

Weather report (BBC/
15C and sunny
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Should be a walk in a park for the Aussies.
I hope Windies upset the aussies (which is almost impossible)
What a fool...he is standing there pleading with the umpire that he thought it was a trial ball....
This punk would fit right into lankan XI...
Roach: The fastest bowler in ICC champions trophy.

Roach is pretty nippy...pakistanis lucked out he didn't play against them...surprised Watson the 8 year old cry baby with pace and followed that up with 148.1 KPH ball to Ponting..
make that 94.4 mph

wow thats the first 95mph bowler ive seen in years
Roach really cranking it up. He's going to be a great bowler for them in the future. West Indies certainly have a few positives already to take away from this tourney in their fast bowlers.
Australia understand the value of run rate, and are building up towards inflicting a massive defeat on the W Indies ensuring that they qualify after winning one game out of IND or PAK.
Nikita Miller. Wow. Thats two beauties to two inform batsmen (Ponting and White). Australia in a bit of bother, 162/5
Callum Ferguson gone now. Drags on a quick Roach delivery. Australia struggling big time

I packed my Fantasy team with Aussies today...jokers!
WI stand a real chance here if they fold the Australians under 185, and specially, if their openers give them a good start...
Oxy said:
I packed my Fantasy team with Aussies today...jokers!

I did not "pack" my team with these idiots but I did not pick any West Indian.

Last 12 overs 29-4.
Asad Rauf gets one wrong. MJ executes a majestic pull. The bowler dislocates his shoulder.

In unrelated events.
JeeraBlade said:
I did not "pack" my team with these idiots but I did not pick any West Indian.
I guess I did the smart thing. Instead of packing my team with idiots, I packed two slices of bread with cream cheese, and I must say the combination gave immense satisfaction.
Australia's premier batsman taking the WI bowlers to the cleaners.
I am unable to see live at the moment just auto-scaning the channels on my laptop, so that I don't have to do when Pakistan plays against India.
Momo said:
Magnificient fifty for MJ. Well played!

Some excellent hitting from him, I think Aussies had enough runs when Ponting was out but still he's saved Aussies from some embarrassment.

Unfortunate that Rauf helped him along though!
Would have been good for the RR situation if Windies made this a close game but looks unlikely now after this assault by Johnson.
johnson if he would have been given out it would been a other match ... but loved top see him hit those biggies
the true passionist said:
Asad Rauf batted for Australia. Could have easily been a good contest.
dont be too hard on him...he is normally a good umpire...but yes it is unfortunate that an attacking batsman like johnson got a life
Thanks to Jhonson, i can sit back relax and watch pak vs india without having to check the windies vs aus score :)
s.nazir said:
Thanks to Jhonson, i can sit back relax and watch pak vs india without having to check the windies vs aus score :)

hey is there a link to see pak india match.......unfortunately i may not see it due to windies/auss bein shown
Its a good move by WI to send Devon Smith as opener with Fletcher as he's one of the experienced ones in the side!
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