Bangladesh v Hong Kong | WT20 Group A First Round | Chittagong | 20/03/14

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Bangladesh could quite possibly mess things up here on the home straight if they carry on like this...surely not lol
Who set up the brackets? Why is one side so heavy and one side so weak. Teams who are not good at all will make the second round, and teams who are very good will sit at home after the round robins.
They already have enough to defend for 12 overs ... but very poor by Shakib and Mushfiq. Looked like they wanted to score 200

Bangladesh for the sake of the tournament (need of the host nation) stop messing this up!
Bangladesh will go through to next round easily.... No way Hong Kong can make this in 12 overs.. And Why should they??? Hong kong's perspective will be to win the game and take pride in beating in a Test nation... Beating in 12 overs or beating with 1 ball to spare wont matter for them..

But a loss for Bangladesh here can mark a big dent to their confidence in the next round... Just when bangladeshi batsmen were looking good and assured at the crease (since last few matches), over confidence has nearly doomed them
Pathetic batting LOL

You can tell the likes of Shakib were trying to smash the bowlers to show off LOL

Crap team regardless of result
This is ridiculous from Bangladesh. Just can't expect them to play consistently for three games in a row.
Ohhhh what a drop! WHAT ARE YOU DOING BANGLADESH! Just bat 20 overs and there's no way you won't get through!
Wow 9 down. They may actually go down here if HK bat with a plan to get Nepal through.
Even if they lose here they'll still probably move on to the next round.
Where are all the Bengali fans now

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100odd in 12 overs aint impossible...add to that immense dew, immense (now) pressure on Bangladesh

Why wouldnt HK at least start to go for it
Athar Ali Khan sounds like he has eat a red hot chilli

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Oh dont show sad young Bangladeshi girls on the crowd, makes me feel proper sorry for them lol
Bangladeshi batsman have come out in this match thinking they're some Don Bradmans and haven't respected the Hong Kong Team at all like they're beneath playing Hong Kong

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Let's give credit to HK. Bangladesh is supposed to be miles ahead of them. This is fantastic stuff for cricket.
But why would Hk try to chase down the target in 12 overs , why wouldnt they take their time ? Its not as if they will be benefitting if they chase down the target in 12 overs.
This has the potential to be an awesome chase...and i have to go work :| Typical
unbelievable bangla should hve been looking to play out overs after 7 down and then launch in 19th over....
get 136 they win.
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