Bangladesh v New Zealand | 2nd ODI | Dhaka | 8/10/10

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Aug 26, 2010
So 2hrs and 45mins to go for Today's Odi.. Which is Most likey to be abandon without having a bowl.. Weather in Dhaka is Pretty Bad. Yesterday, Dhaka's Sky was fully cloudy and had rain through out the day.. Today is also the same.. And its even worse today..

Bangladeshi Fans Must be Happy as they will keep the lead if the Match is abandon Today..
Unfortunately bad news as it is raining at the ground currently. Inspection is planned at 10am local time if it stops raining soon. No toss as yet. It has been raining non-stop in Dhaka for the last two days so the outlook is not promising at this stage, we can only hope for the weather to clear.
Its raining there in dhaka since Yesterday non stop. So,, I can't see any match Today. So, its Bangladesh who holds the lead 1 - 0 to New Zealand.
So, NZL will have to win all the remaining 3 matches to win the series.
So, NZL will have to win all the remaining 3 matches to win the series.

Weather report for Monday match also has a chance of heavy Shower. So, if that match also abandons, then NZ can win the series if they win last two..

But NZ middle Order is too weak to play at sub continent..
Got a News from my Bangladeshi Friends that, Yesterday, NZ team gone for Shopping in Some Shopping Malls in Dhaka instead of Practicing in Rain... Good way to become calm and release the pressure but that shows they are not so worried about the series..

Are they committed enough to Win this series?? Hope they are.
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