Bangladesh v New Zealand at Dhaka , 4th ODI


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Dec 13, 2009
New Zealand won the toss and elected to field

Ban 57/3 after 9 overs
shakib on the verge of getting his 5th ODI hundred....
great player
weel done shakib....great innings..

tigers heading towards a biggie here
Another gem from Shakib - 106 of 113 balls.
BL 232/6
241 all out...shouldve made around 260.....thre were 2 overs to spare...poor ending by the tigers...hope the score is enough
Hmm some real problems with the kiwis it seems.but come any world up or major tournament they get to the semis lol.
LOL is this a first series win than for bangla against a higher ranked team, New Zealand are probably feeling like crap.
I'f we had Aamir and Asif still they would be licking their lips for the NZ tour!
I'f we had Aamir and Asif still they would be licking their lips for the NZ tour!

We had both for last tour but our crappy fielding and Batting meant we drew the series 1-1!
New Zealand 114/5 (27.0 ov)

New Zealand require another 128 runs with 5 wickets and 23.0 overs
58 from 43 with 3 wickets in hand although that new kid Williamson is batting well on 89
Nz Struggling in this series brings a serious doubt on wheter the other non asian teams can compete in the world cup.
45 needed from 30 Balls...

Williamson 93* N McCullum 14*
210-7 after 47 overs

Williamson hit a brilliant 4 off the back foot in that over...he's NZs only hope here!!
Century for Kane Williamson!! Great Knock from him!

29 needed from 16
FOUR!!! for McCullum!!!

Just what NZ needed!

20 needed from 11
McCullum is Runout!

Direct hit! Brilliant throw from the outfield!


17 runs from 9 needed
Tuffey skies it first ball and is out!

Bangladesh on the verge of victory now