Bangladesh v Pakistan | 1st Test | Chittagong | 09-13/12/11 | Day 2


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Jun 8, 2008
Assalamu Aleikum!

So surprisingly the game has lasted until day 2 :O
Will we see a result today so I can finally work on my home exam and get my daily schedule back to a normal day/night mode? :13:
Any idea why PTV is not showing the game in full screen is instead showing the hockey game with the cricket game in a little box? It's kind of stupid.
Walaikum Assalaam

Bangladesh on top...Pakistan have their work cut out.
There are more people on this thread then there are in the ground :yk
His grunt make it sounds like he will be throwing down fire balls :facepalm:
115 kmh thunderbolts :shakib

Haha the worst is the grunts seem so artificial
You can tell he's putting a lot of effort in making sure he can get tha grunt out in an attempt to distract the bastmen
If he put that energy into bowling he'd probly bowl 15-25 mph faster :akhtar
I wont lie this guys Grunts are annoying. I cant even enjoy a peaceful over without him making those noises.
I wont lie this guys Grunts are annoying. I cant even enjoy a peaceful over without him making those noises.

Tell me about it..speacially when you see 112.4 km/h pop up on the speed gun
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Ahh the magical influence of Kaptaan Tuk Tuk!
"No runs in the last 28 deliveries..thats a good start for Bangladesh" - Commentator
Little do they know the plan is just to grind the bowlers into the ground
Cant believe I'm up till 4am 3 days before my exams to watch Pak set the world record for most consecutive maiden overs

Finally!! I dont think he meant that to go to the boundry but it did!

Show them this video

So, just out of curiosity, how many people are actually watching this match?
Pakistan showing too much respect to these bowlers, that is not the way to bat. They should be positive and rotate the strike better.
Pakistan should not play for safety here, they should attack , because I think a lead of 150 is enough against this Bangladesh lineup....
I just don't understand why Taufeeq goes into a shell against is frustrating !!!
Vinod: "i dont remember that taufiq umer played any innings with strike rate more the 50."

( cricinfo)
Why are you guys so dumb? ^ They're just reacquainting themselves with the conditions, as all good players do.
awful batting from :taufeeq...looks as if he can't rotate strike to save his life against spinners :facepalm:
I think Taufiq is not the right player for Pakistan, he should be replaced, unless he rotates his strike better against spinners. Right now he is pathetic.
considering its only day 2 and they could potentially bat for thr next 2 days, i think taufeeq umar is doing what anyone would have done.
People are talking as if Taufeeq is on 0 off 40 balls ... he's playing perfectly according to the situation.
Taufiq needs to maintain a strike rate of at least 60, that will be okay. At least looking at the quality of bowling.
no one is asking for Taufeeq to smash it out of the park, we are asking for rotation of strike !!! going into a shell usually means our batsmen struggle to put away half volleys...
toffee creates pressure on himself by not looking for singles or boundary. Once in a while he tries to generate a scoring shot instead of trying to put the loose balls away or getting offstrike
Saif: "I think Taufeeq Umar should be given a chance in ODI's. The reason being, Hafeez seems to enjoy his game more when opening with Taufeeq. For some reason when he opens with Farhat, his body language is restricted. It's not surprising to see one duo clicking better than the other."

( cricinfo)
see this is what happens when you are in the mode of blocking, bound to get a wicket taking delivery and you end up wasting 150+ without scoring at least 80 odd...pathetic innings from :taufeeq

here comes another tuk tuk :azhar
To be fair to Toffee it was a very good delivery. Mahmadullah got quite a lot of drift on it and made it straighten.
one tuk tuk goes, one tuk tuk comes in, this tuk tuk will go, next tuk tuk will come, and then another tuk tuk. :facepalm:
I had a dream that Pakistan collapsed for 200 and we still won by an innings :ajmal
strike rotation is an art alien to our top order...taufeeq missed out on a golden opportunity to score a big 100 and missed a straight delivery too...
I hope Azhar Ali plays positively with a good strike rate. This pitch is quite dead and Bangladesh don't have a very intimidating bowling line up.