CLT20 2012:9th Oct: Auckland Aces v Sialkot Stallions, UVA Next v Yorkshire

lol ss are out the tournament there nrr will take a battering after today's defeat.
They're very top heavy, after Guptill, Vincent and Mahmood there really isn't much.

So Sialkot bowlers had to get those guys out early to have a chance, and they didn't. Now it's too late.

Only Mahmood left now....

Come on DamadJi....:D
Sialkot need to utilize their spinners, use Raza's overs now. Need to put on any pressure they can to even have a chance.
Malik needs to bowl now and try to slow the run rate down. They are taking the pacers apart at will.
BCCI cleverly not allowed SS when champions league was played in India last year. otherwise we would have humiliated BCCI by beating their IPL teams.
Is it true that SS won something like 25 matches in a row ?? :67:

That must have been FUN :yk cricket.. :)

Sorry guys...can't help trolling today ... :yk Itna kuch suna about stallions...khoda pahad, nikle chuhe.. :jf
Hasan Raza is class I must say.. one of my fav young spinners.
Why is Sarfraz Ahmed back? Got killed last time. Captain Shoaib Malik should bowl under pressure.
safe to say the difference between both teams is that useless bilawal bhatti dude
almost all the other teams have overseas players helping them. only for sailkot its all pakistani players. still they would beat any other team if it was played in Asia. thats my point.

Lame excuses! If they are the best team of T20 than they will win anywhere.
now the real game starts now..
if we somehow win this game, that will show why SS is not a regular T20 team.