Day 4: Eng v Pak [3rd Test] - Updates

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Jun 27, 2003
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Please continue...
England 1st Inns - 515 all out (123.0 overs)

Pakistan 1st Inns - 538 all out (141.4 overs)

England 2nd Inns - 3-0 (2 overs)

Eng trail by 20 runs - 2 days remaining
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Judgement day for the Pak bowlers. early inroads required and runs restricted. Its been raining in london? Any news on the weather around headingly?
Leeds:Monday - Sunny Intervals [BBC]


Max Temp: 25°C

Current Nearest Observations: Cloudy 15°C
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Good morning and welcome to the 4th day of the 3rd Npower test commentry brought to you by PP's finest...

08:24 Update: Team probably having breakfast...
2 hours to go.

Quite possibly the MOST important day of this series. I would imagine that by the end of today, we will have a pretty good idea of what the likely outcome of the match will be - and how that will affect the series and team selection for the next game.
All depends on our bowling attack now. If they fail to get an early breakthrough (which has happened quite often), England will be on their way to make it 2-0
IMp day for pak
they still lack the firepower to remove eng batsman .
If they can make good use of the new ball and get early wickets esp of DOCTORVE and DARELL HAIR it could turn out to be good contest.
As long these 2 are at the crease it will be long hard day for pakistan in the feild.
I'm confident we have shown enough class in the 1st & 3rd Test not too lose this this position, Win or Draw only outcomes
I dont think losing is an option today. Old Trafford should still be fresh in the memories - never again!

Inzi (on SCORE - Geo) last night said that that the team would be positive and that they would aim to play 'winning cricket'.

Not many teams have lost a test match scoring 500+ runs in the 1st inngs - but it could happen at Leeds.

Depends n the pitch and how it deteriorates (or doesnt)
Not many teams have lost a test match scoring 500+ runs in the 1st inngs - but it could happen at Leeds

that doest inculde pakistan they have the capablity to lose frm a winning position and win frm a losing position

kaneria has to stand up and be counted today. this is the first time in the series he can put the eng batsmen under pressure. if we bat today we have a very good chance to win the match.
Sami and Kaneria have to be at their best. If Sami bowls more overs like the one he bowled last night, I don't think we will have a problem bundling England out for 200. I don't think they can score above 300, even if our bowling isn't at its best.

Worst Case scenario: Pakistan bowl too short and without spirit and England post 430 runs and declare tommorow morning or even possibly overnight. But I don't think England will take a risk and declare overnight with only a 350 run lead, so they will have to score fast. Even in this case, all we have to do is bat one day and we have a draw, but if Monty gets going...

Average scenario: Pakistan bowl England out for 380 tommorow morning, leaving us 360 to chase. Then we either go for the win or the draw, I'd say the openers are due and shouldn't be tired and will be able to post a good opening partnership, then YK, Yousuf and Inzi can do the rest and we might be able to win.

Tricky Scenario: We bowl out England for 300 overnight, and are sent in to bat in the last session which can be difficult to navigate especialy for our inexperienced openers. This will be very tricky, because we will definantly want to chase 280 though there will be enough time only to get bowled out as well. Going for a draw here wont make sense.

Good Scenario: England get bowled out for 200, requiring 180 to win. We will have half of day 4 and all of day 5 to achieve this target, so we can go at a good pace and not worry.

Best scenario: England collapse and are all out for 140, requiring a paltry 120 to win. In this case, we can win on day 4 and it will be quite groundbreaking to see a Test match that saw 1000 first inning runs end on day 4. Sami will have to bowl at his best and fastest, I think he is the only one capable of causing this and must get good support from the rest. InshaAllah... :)
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Not going to watch most of today.

Even so I have a bad feeling about this....
Surely Pakistan are due soime luck in the field today
Unlikely that I'll be able to watch any of today but I will give my two ruppees worth...

1. England are due a collapse. They cannot keep getting all the luck and their batsman cannot keep scoring runs.

2. I do not believe England can win this game. I can only see two possible results. England will not have the guts or bottle to declare today and so will end up batting well into day 5 unless we bowl them out.

5. Bowling England out for 270 is not impossible. Have faith and hope in the boys! We can do this.

6. IF (and it is a VERY VERY big if) we win this test I am going to party like there is no tomorrow.

7. If we get another x amount of wickets in this session this morning and once again are screwed over by darrell Hair, who here is willing to join me on a mission to Leeds tomorrow? We can discuss what we will do with Mr Hair on the train on the way.
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Billy said:
Not going to watch most of today.

Even so I have a bad feeling about this....
I've not looked forward to a days cricket as much as this one in a long time.
Oxy™ said:
I've not looked forward to a days cricket as much as this one in a long time.

Oh I'm sure it'll be a good day of cricket but I've got a lot of stuff to do.. and I just have this feeling that England's middle order are going to do something daft.

Possibly to balance out the Inzi belly flop.
inshallah pakistan will go for the win.. we need to get early wickets .. thats the key.. inshallah sami, gul, kaneria,nazir will all deliver 2day..

Pakistan Zindabad
Weather condition: Dull, cloudy and very windy - and the ground looks virtually empty with 15 mins to the start.
I'll be majorly surpised if anything balances out inzi's belly flop

this is a flat track - I just cannot see our team able to exert the pressure

having said that if we have to negotiate 2-3 sessions. i'm not worried
The pitch HAS to favour Pakistani bowlers - but are we good enough to use the conditions?

EARLY breakthrough is essential
pakistan has to get england out before tea & under 250 runs if they hav any chance of winning.... coz if they dont win this test then the series is probably lost & its raining cats & dogs in London....
Team News:-

Inzi OFF the field - injury. YK acting skipper. Superman Pathan is 12th Man.

YK as skipper - could be a blessing in disguise!
Great opening delivery Sami! Strauss plays & misses! Just misses the outside edge!
Sami starts off proceedings, excellent deliveries first two
2nd ball is a cracker! No ball, edged through slips for 4.

Great start Sami!
I see the Sami twin who can bowl has taken the field.

They must have locked the other one in the dressing room and left Inzi to sit on him.
Another great delivery third one, in the channel, very good length
Pakistani tigers said:
why is inzi not on field?

maybe practising not to fget out hit-wicket again (3 times he's been out HW) or maybe prayin for a miracle to get Sami to bowl sensibly
Sami is bang on - just the right line & length.
Very good line and length so far from Sami, impressive start
Yk full of chatting, smiling, enthusiasm.

Meanwhile Sami is in the groove.
hey u know wat maybe inzi's prayers are working...sami bowling a tremendous over
5th ball makes Strauss hurry. I hope this can be sustained for the entire spell.
Very good over from Sami, just the 4 lucky runs from it coming via an edge and the no ball.
Apparently Inzi has a sore chest/ribs which is heavily strapped...
Ooops I forgot to say Salam and Hello to everyone.
Umar Gul takes the next over. Needs to be on the spot from the start.

Or Shall I call him Oooomaaar Goooool?
With M Asif coming back, Sami is surely favourite to be dropped unless he bowls a phenomenal spell of bowling today. Looks at his best in this series so far.
UJ said:
Apparently Inzi has a sore chest/ribs which is heavily strapped...

Lemme guess... he not even got himself hitwicket but is now preetending to be injured by making it look serious...wat a dufuss
Asalaam alikum Wr Wb Brothers;

Everything now depends on the performance of pakistan bowlers, i have a feeling england will be bowled out for about 200 something. I missed sami's first over this morning, how did it go ?
Any one noticed how far Strauss is backing up? I am sure Gul could pull out of his delivery and 'politely' request Strauss not to do it or face being run out! Extra pressure.
4 from that Gul over, decentish start from him.
Tad too full from Sami and driven through extra cover for 3
Great delivery from Sami, that one took off, off the surface.
Dropped by Akmal, Tresco gloves one down the legside and really he should have taken that. Sami unlucky.
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