England vs India | 2nd Test | Trent Bridge | Day 3 | 31/07/11

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Nov 16, 2008
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Lets go!

They just showed Lord honours board. It had Asif on it. But a certain 6-84 had no name next to it :O
It should be absolutely gripping day. Probably most important day for the series?
This is day 2 feel like day four already.. what a match so fare.
Michael Vaughan is getting soo much 'hate tweets' for his comment yesterday about THAT VVS decision, he said this as a joke and unsurprisingly, most indian readers just boiled with anger!

Has Vaseline on the outside edge saved the day for Laxman???
Doesn't matter if they lose no 1 ranking. It's English team which is more desperate for the rank 1.

Doesn't matter? I guess all the articles about India not caring about the rating is true.

Ofcourse England are desperate. Its number 1!

Very disrespectful comment...to cricket.
Why? Is it not apparent that England team has worked harder for the series and clearly want no 1 rank while Indian team hasn't prepared.

You said losing the number 1 ranking doesn't matter.

The number 1 ranking in the format that has been around for 150 years!

Why are you even watching cricket if something like that doesn't matter? :facepalm:
Why? Is it not apparent that England team has worked harder for the series and clearly want no 1 rank while Indian team hasn't prepared.

your post suggested that Indians don't care about the rankings, while all Indians fan + media take pride on that ranking

As for coming unprepared, IPL has a little something to do with it

okay, maybe A LOT

Scans on Jonathan Trott's shoulder have shown no fracture or break, and England are hoping he can bat in this second innings - Cricinfo
Strauss needs to score big here, a target of 250 on 4th-5th day pitch will be very competitive.
If India win this match, and their injured trio (ZAK, GG, Sehwag) are fit, will they go with the team from this match or include these players?
@shahidafridi123 you should have at least 500 more posts by the end of the day, if you keep posting here what happens on each delivery...

Dhoni is not wearing his helmet for PK's bowling because he knows the ball will never carry above his legs....lol
according to experts the best conditions to bat on this pitch is on the 3rd day (today).
I think the ball is still moving around a bit, that last one came back to the batsmen.
One of england batsman needs to score big hundered, other can hang around and they can give a target of 250 plus which will be quite dufficult to chase
Where are the Indians? Oh wait, they'll be back when a wicket or 2 falls.
yea true.. but a sunny day!! it wil b tough for india 2 get dem out cheaply for da sencond time .. test o indian bowling 2day.. india can chase target o arnd 150-200 not more den tht
In the last 20 years, the highest 4th innings total was 284 by England in 2004 in a winning cause against NZ at Trent Bridge
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