England vs India | 4th Test | The Oval | Aug 18-22 | Day 3

Cute living in london how is the weather ? Forecast ?

I live 400m from the Oval, and sticking my head out of the window, I can confirm that it is cool and cloudy. Doesn't look like rain though
England should declare already, no point humiliating minnows its not good for the game.
Anderson would be also looking to get some runs here, good opportunity for him to get them
The only reason I can see for batting deep is to tired the indian batsman down and when the score is 700 england can have attacking field as much
Sree scored his first 100 of this match, well played mate.
I really hope India can draw this match, otherwise it will be really bad on them. with the ODI series coming up.
Lol at Nasser's sarcastic comment: "Sreesanth being really brave sledging jimmy"

:))) as I type that anderson drives down the ground for four!
England should donate their second Innings to India as well (if that's possible)
LOL Sreesanth what a warrior, his dismissal of Anderson will be talked about for years surely!
LOL @ Sreesanth acting like he had taken 8th wicket in this innings while in reality it is his 2nd wicket at more than 50 a piece.
I think England need to give themselves more overs here to get India out twice, its a better pitch, getting wickets is not easy, unless India press the self destructive button again.
Ishant has to be told that he is to lead this attack, his job is to pick pickets and not just save runs.

I wonder what the Indian Bowling coach is doing????
Of all the phenties Indian team has received from other teams, Pakistan is still on the top of the list;


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By the way... yesterday England scored its 100th 100 vs India! :))
By the way, I don't rate Morgan in tests. I think hildreth or taylor would be tighter.

Also, sreesanth has spells where he gets into the high 130s - like now - and he looks decent. Why doesn't he run in like this all day?