gray Nicolls Scoop - The new one is out!


Local Club Captain
Jun 21, 2010
Anyone got any GN contacts- can they confirm if and when this is coming to Australia?

This is Gray Nicolls return of oldie, Few months ago they announced that they will be recalling an old Gray Nicolls model which they did now.

I'm not too sure when it will be out in Australia but I it will be around December when Australias season is about to start
Our season starts in oct can't wait (still got to decide what club to play for)
I just remembered the guy at GCCC said that everything except Puma is in so I don't think the scoop will come here for at least 3 months.
GN have launched their new range for Australia. The scoop wasn't in the line up.
sometimes the launch is a season late in different markets. e.g. Legend was launched in Australia for almost an year before it was made available to UK market.

Think they must be seeing how the UK market is the bigger one and targeting them more/earlier.