ICC WT20| Group 2| Pakistan vs Australia| Pakistan innings

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Sep 8, 2010
Match to start in about 30 minutes. Here hoping for a good performance from Pakistan.

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Damn it. Its over then

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Pak batting first.great chance for them

Aus now 99% confirmed to qualify

Razzaq in is good too
I know people are worried that we are batting again but I think this is a blessing in disguise. We can't chase irrespective of the last few games that we fluked...
Stop being so negative, we can do this, insha'Allah the pitch will get slowrr and help us to victory. Gives us a chance to win by 40+ insha'Allah.
Oh dear. Pakistan to bat 1st, I fear the tournament is over for us now.
We have to score 180 and bowl out Aus for less than 150 to insure our qualification as anything less would give India a way thru.
Pak defo.need 170 plus.

That awkward moment when you couldnt get 130 against India and wanna score 170 against Australia. We couldn't handle Kohli and Yuvraj lol

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If we score 150+ we are in the match or else say good bye then to Semi's. I hope we bat well and give them the target of 180-190 like we did in 2010 semi's against aus and that time aussies had great pace attack with tait, johnston, nannes and one more pacer. batsmen needs to show great calmness and relaxation on the field...
Pakistan needs to score around 150-160. Anything under 140 and Aussies gonna get it in a canter.
i dont knw hw but i wana see pak in semis thats it .........by hook or crook
Experimentation Today vs Aus.

I have a feeling there will be a number of experimentation today against Aus..

1. Afridi will be sent up the order, not at 7/8
2. U.Akmal will be promoted to 1 or 2 down
3. Razzaq will be floated up the order too (though I personal would send Razzaq against pace as opposed to Afridi)

Bowling wise.

1) Saeed Ajmal overs might be bowled out before the 15th over in order to increase chance of wickets up front.

I just have a gut feeling a lot of experimentation will happen..

We have to wait and see what experimentation take place and which pay off and which backfire.
Rob Key says he's impressed with Hafeez's captaincy but not his batting. Also say Umar Akmal is the gun player for Pakistan and the only one who uses his brain. They say if only he can come in when the top order have provided a good start. He shouldn't come in when there's 4 5 down and so much pressure on.

Completely agree.
Need a big total on board ! Hope hafeez-ul-haq brings his brains along today
I dont think they'll experiment much in the first 10 overs. keep the wickets, send jamshed in at 3 and then have a reall go after the 14th over.
Ganguly praising :raza. Says will be handy against Watson, Warner.
Afridi gonna come good today. Prediction ? Aus win by 5 wickets?
Still not happy with the balance of the side I would have preferred Kamran Akmal to open or come at 3 his wasted at 4. Imran Nazir is too hit and miss at the top.
Listen up folks.. U are going to witness one of the best performances by Pakistan. Ever.. Brace yourselves..
Hafeez looked very nervous at the toss, insha'Allah it dont effect his batting again.
Pak will try to score 180 and they will end up with 130-140 which will be chased down in 5 overs.
Eugh, I have to suffer the indignity of supporting the Aussies today :(
I think 1st 6 overs will be crucial for pakistan. Will decide the fate of this match.
Dermet *laughing* .. the host asks why are you laughing?

Derment: im just trying to figure out what is he saying loll

I guess Umar can always learn English. Can Dermot, and for that matter any of us, ever learn to bat like Umar? :)
C'mon guys, get behind yr country, get behind all the playing 11. Let's show we are real fans. We will post 170 at least, then we can keep them to a low score. This is our game.
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