ICL | Lahore vs Kolkata | Hyderabad | 28/03/2008 (with highlights)


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Feb 6, 2006
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Kolkata won the toss and is fielding.
Inzi not playing and Mushy is kaptaan for today's match.
Inzi not playinggggggggg - and Lahoris are batting first?

might be the 1st loss on the cards for the Pak UNOFFICIAL team?
Imran Farhat, Imran Nazir, Humayun Farhat, Hasan Raza, Naved Latif, Azhar Mahmood, Taufeeq Umar, Shahid Nazir, Arshad Khan, Mohammad Sami, Mushtaq Ahmed

SG Das, L Klusener, AA Jhunjhunwala, S Singh, AR Adams, CD McMillan, RS Gavaskar, D Dasgupta, UDU Chandana, AN Ahmed, M Hayward
Tough task, yes, since it´s quite a competitive side but I reckon another demolishing by Lahore Bahshaahs is on the cards :) .
video streaming links folks!!! the old ones from last week seem to have crashed !!
its started!! the royal rumble - heavy weight Nazir on the case
20-1 off 3 overs

ps. looks ilke a pakistan v's west indies game - same colours from distance anyways!

a lucky 4 edged past 2nd slips :26:
looks like tofeeq's head is growing inside the helmet.. he must be wearing a youth size!!
looked like an edge and a caught behind there - hayward bowling at toffeeq

but umps said not out.

next ball for 4 on the offisde :14:
ball bouncing really high - slow bowler bowling, imagine the faster ones ;-)
pitch has some bounce......Tigers keeping it just short of a lenght, so no drives for the batsmen.
Need a boom boom hooker and puller on there - wheres INZI when u need him!
not free ... but the one i pasted was.. its unofficial :( but FREEEEEEEEE :)
tofeeeq on 41 - doing well aint he?

WICKETTTTTTTTTTT its now 78-3 off 13.2

Tofeeez got stumped by wicky--- is he out ? no, yes, no, YESSSSSS he's out :(
raza reverse sweeps for 4 .. Cairns is getting battered!

83-3 off 14 overs

Isnt it time for the hard hitting overs now :p :12: :27:
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153-4 in 20.... 154 to win
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Azhar with a six......good old days hey...
pulled it back in the last overs its amazing how the ast overs alwayz go for runs
the ball is turning miles, so the did pretty well to get to that total.
danger men are out! looks like a walk in the park for the Pak Unofficials
funny Amitabh advert - he fly kicks the goalkeeper into the back of the net! after drinking a DABUR drink! :25:
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next ball he was nearly caught out.. about 2 metres short of the fielder