Lahore Lions v Bahawalpur Stags | FBT20 | Gaddafi Stadium | 8/12/12 | 1st Semi-Final

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cmon lahore , shehzad looking in great touch .
good heat from talha .
another :four by Shehzad, really attacking the stags bowling lineup

Lahore Lions: 17/0 after 1.5 overs

Shehzad and Jamshed opening vs India would be a good prospect
What a shot by Shehzad...:four really taking the attack to stag bowlers
that definitely was a six

Shehzad needs to calm down, doesn't need to try to hit every bowl out of the park
Jamshed playing it smart here

Both of these are a must in the LOI in India, Shehzad thou needs to learn not slog EVERY delievery
that was exquisite shot by Shehzad, pure timing

back to back :four

Shehzad really is opening his arms up...maybe this will be enough for the selectors to select him?
ok seriously Shehzad is now just having fun out there...its raining :four at the moment

Gotta say the fielding standards are horrible in this tournament

nice cut for another :four
another :four by shehzad, thats 4 :four in the over

Jamshed gone, trying to ship it over midwicket
Was a poor ball and should have been put away, execution wasn't there but it happens. Time for captain Hafeez to come in :( - watch the tempo of the innings decrease now.
Shehzad must look for a ton here.. he can do it. That would surely catch the selectors attention.
How can a batsman as talented as Shehzad not be in the squad right now. Perfect footmovement there.
Shehzad needs to construct his innings well here, be a bit selfish and go for a ton.
I agree with the commies. Ahmed should be in the national squad.
Another 50 from him.
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