Lahore Lions v Karachi Zebras | FBT20 | Gaddafi Stadium | 1/12/12 | Day 1

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Gotham Cronie

Test Debutant
Jun 15, 2006
Match will be at 4pm local time.

:ll v :kz

It will be broadcast.

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Do you know which matches will be broadcasted live? There are 5/6 matches every day, would be helpful if we knew which matches are to be shown on TV

The matches played in Gaddaffi Stadium will be televised. That means only 2 matches will be televised each day.
Strong side this Lahore one, they should in theory be one of the teams likely to lift the title this time around.
gangnam style playing at the gadaffi stadium, i hope moyo gets his moves out :moyo
Mohamamd Yousaf withdrawn Lahore Lions captaincy for Mohammad Hafeez. :hafeez
Reason to appoint hafeez captain - He needs more experience as captain !!
mohammad yousuf withdraw not only from captaincy but also from the tournament...another drama from drama queen mohammad yousuf
on other hand Sharjeel khan has smashed 100 on 62 balls against Lahore Eagle
Nice confident stroke first ball by Fahad Iqbal.. 'viv richards arrogance' :))
Lovely line and length their from Zia. Just short of a length. Settling in nicely is Zia.
Short ball there from Zia, slightly of line and a single to Fahad. 22-1.
Zia ul haq should take some wickets in this match
expecting 2 wickets for him today
Why is M.Yousuf not captaining?

I'm not liking whats going on, whit this drama
Beauty from Wahab Riaz. Very quick delivery there. Looked above 90 definitely!
I just saw a miracle today

Wahab riaz moving the ball away from left handers #amazing

If he can do that in international cricket with his pace, for there is no one stopping him to become the best in the world
Zia would have been a much improved bowler had he played Presidents Tophy like Ehsan Adil.
Hafeez, Nasir, and Shehzad:

3 openers playing once again, who will open and will Hafeez make Jamshed play one down again?
Rameez Aziz lofted it, couldnt get the hieght and it reached the safe hands of U.Akmal
Kamran misses a stumping:facepalm:

His keeping hasn't improved, infact its getting worse.
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