New Zealand (226/8) defeat Pakistan (180) by 46 runs in the first T20I to go 1-0 up in the 5-match series

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Aug 1, 2023
It has not been an ideal start for Shaheen Shah Afridi's captaincy, conceding 226 runs. It is a flat pitch but it will require some chasing. Can Pakistan do it?


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Feel bad for Saim being forced into opening with Rizwan. All pressure will be on the young man whereas Rizwan can do whatever he wants
Poor bowling and fielding it seems.

The no-ball from Jamal was criminally big, he was very very expensive. And Usama keeps leaking runs. Should have only gone with chahcha and even a Salman Agha, they could bowl 2 overs each.

Finally a change in the opening pair. Half the job done
If Babar comes at 3, and Fakhar at 4 it would be the dumbest thing ever
Rizwan is there to build pressure on Saim. He is the reason why Babar started struggling.

Rizwan should bat at 4. Fakhar/Haris and Saim should be our openers.
Bangladeshi bowlers bowled lot better than this. Usama Mir should not get chance even in any of our BPL team a d you know BPL is not a high standards tournament. Who is giving chance to this para moholla gully bowler?
Saim should take his time. Rizwan chalak should also bat aggressively here.
Fakhar should be opening . Really fakhar has always been made to sacrifice his position . Yet he never complained
Fakhar should be opening . Really fakhar has always been made to sacrifice his position . Yet he never complained
I like Fakhar but he starts too slow and then makes it up later, would rather have Harris open with Saim
Saim is such a pure hitter.

They need this explosiveness at the top of the order moving forward.
I hope Azam performs so we can get rid of selfish players like Rizwan & Babar from our T20I's
SO unlucky. I’m gutted. Well played Saim.
Two of the most selfish players in history of Pak cricket at crease now :facepalm
Well played Saim. He showed us what we can expect from him the next 4 games. There was never a run there, hopefully he will learn from this.
oh man why Saim why… he was on the pace to score the fastest fifty for Pakistan in t20i