New Zealand [291/8] beat West Indies [286] by 5 runs in the 29th match of the 2019 World Cup

Those three deliveries from boult oh boy would have killed me. Already being a pakistan supporter is killing
Next 3 overs Braithwaite has to keep strike and look for boundaries mostly , pick the right ball , a couple of boundaries in each over is what they require.
Carlos Brathwaite on strike, Ian Bishop on commentary.

You know how this goes !
Thomas actually looks like he can hold the bat. 9 from 13, Carlos doesnt need to go berserk every ball from now on.
Braithwaite needs to keep his head here and keep strike till the end.
Brathwaitwe! Remember the name!

Incredible match. Hope Windies get over the line.
Agar aaj Braithwaite ne ye match jita diya na... Balle balle ho Jani hai aaj to
If only the top order bar Gayle had shown even a glimpse of this resolve.
Where’s [MENTION=132954]Aman[/MENTION] lol