Pakistan (173) suffer back to back defeats as New Zealand (194/8) win 2nd T20I by 21 runs


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Aug 29, 2023
Pakistan Bowler came back strongly in the last phase with Haris running through the tail in his last over. Target of 195 for Pakistan to chase. Can they do it?



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OMG first ball six from Rizwan. That is wild.

Hope he does this more often because that is what this team needs.
why send babar at 3 if you wanted to break the opening pair.FAkhar shouldve been sent when ayub got out.Babar if rizwan gets out but they are too stupid to understand that.
Needs to learn and I'm hoping Saim will genuinely learn from this experience.

Or else he's just another 10-20 match player with hype.

Bobby and Rizzy in their comfort zone now and I'm expecting them to chase this down.
Crazy how no matter what we change, somehow we always end up relying on Babar to try to win us the match
Whilst his average is impressive - is there any high scorer with such a one sided game out there?
Can’t play on the off side

Can’t bat for the team

Who is the batsman?
Nice to have the opposition drop a dolly for once. Will Fakhar make them pay for it though?
The minute opposition crosses 200 in t20..
Pakistani batters start wetting thier pants..
In this case they should never bowl first after winning toss...Mentally weak players can't handle the pressure of scoreboard. Belter of a pitch, club size ground and they are still struggling.
Babar is the only proper batsman in this team albeit he needs to improve on his strike rate.
Will.Hafeez the director break his duck he is turning out to be Steve Kean of Pakistan
Fakhar needs to be dropped!!!! Pathetic, timid and useless player
Some unusual and aerial shots from Babar early on. Very positive and good to see.