Pakistan A v England (Day 1 thread)

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Mar 3, 2004
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Paul Collingwood is set to add to his tally of three Test caps, after England's coach, Duncan Fletcher, revealed that he was pencilled in to bat at the pivotal No. 5 position in the team's final warm-up match, against a strong Pakistan A side at Bagh-e-Jinnah in Lahore. Collingwood, who stepped in for the fifth and final Test against Australia last summer, has been making great strides as a batting allrounder on this tour, and seems certain to push Ian Bell to the margins to allow England the option of a second spinner.

England's preparations have been slightly disrupted by a viral infection that forced four members of the squad - Matthew Hoggard, Kevin Pietersen, Shaun Udal and Alex Loudon - to retire to their rooms after a tough nets session at the PCB National Academy. But Fletcher had nothing but praise for his team's attitude and intensity, declaring that their work ethic was back up to the levels it had reached on the Bangladesh tour of 2003-04, a trip that laid the foundations for their unbeaten run of six successive series wins.

In many ways, Collingwood epitomises the team ethic that has driven England's recent successes. He made his one-day debut way back in 2001, but in Tests he has been an uncomplaining understudy ever since he was drafted into the squad at Perth on the 2002-03 Ashes tour. This morning at practice, he was flinging himself into yet another exhausting fielding drill - taking a blow on the nose in the process - and Fletcher singled him out in particular.

"Colly is that sort of individual," said Fletcher. "He's so determined to play Test cricket and not be singled out as a one-day cricketer, and he works on his game all the time. One of the criticisms we've had in the past was that he was a bit slow as a bowler. He was clocking in at about 79mph, and you can only get away with that if you bounce the ball like Pollock and McGrath. But the guys have noticed the change out here. He's been up to 84-85mph, which is quite a nice pace to bowl."

Prior to the Oval Test, Collingwood's last Test outings both came on the subcontinent, against Sri Lanka in 2003-04, and Fletcher admitted that experience could have a bearing. "He has fulfilled a useful role for us in the past, and he did well against [Muttiah] Muralitharan. But the big thing is his bowling. On difficult wickets he offers variation, and we've noticed that he's been swinging it most of the time."


Fletcher stressed that nothing had been finalised as regards Bell's position in the side, although the sight of the team doctor, Peter Gregory, extracting his off stump with a slower-ball legbreak at nets today could arguably be taken as the writing on the wall. But he insisted that any decision would rest on the team's bowling tactics. "If we go in with two spinners, we don't believe it's reasonable to share the workload between three seamers," explained Fletcher. "In this heat, and on these flat wickets, it would be asking a lot of Flintoff and Harmison, and so we are trying to lighten their load."

Flintoff and Harmison, for their part, were quickly into a rhythm in their first practice session of the tour. "They only got off the plane 48 hours ago, so it was a gentle run-in. They did what was asked of them, and looked in pretty good nick, so that was encouraging." Both are sure to play at Bagh-e-Jinnah, on a wicket that the local groundsman described as "sporting". Hard and true, with an even covering of grass and a hint of moisture, it should aid both batsmen and bowlers, although it is unlikely to replicate the conditions that England anticipate at Multan next week.

Fletcher was adamant that, despite his team's ropey performance at Rawalpindi, they had the experience and maturity to cope with whatever comes their way. "We will play according to the situation," he said. "The first wicket at Rawalpindi had a very slow outfield and that makes a huge difference, if you play a forward defensive and it goes for one instead of four. But hopefully our guys have got the experience now."

And he was uncharacteristically bullish about the approach that England would take in the series. Having inched to victory in an attritional series in 2000-01, Fletcher envisaged a more positive attitude. "There's no doubt about it," he said. "There's a better feel about it, there's more confidence about this side and their ability. They are just going to have to make sure they don't play too positively and get over-confident. But I don't think they will. We've seen over the last two years, they play the situation well.

"Seven series in a row would be some achievement," he added. "The next big thing is to keep on winning, and added to that, to make sure that the team stays together. That is crucial. If we can go on and beat Australia home and away, and do well on these tours as well, then we can start saying we are getting close to Australia as the best team in the world."

England (probable) 1 Marcus Trescothick, 2 Andrew Strauss, 3 Michael Vaughan, 4 Kevin Pietersen, 5 Paul Collingwood, 6 Andrew Flintoff, 7 Geraint Jones (wk), 8 Ashley Giles, 9 Shaun Udal, 10 Matthew Hoggard, 11 Steve Harmison.

game starts tmoz
Looks a good contest. Will be interesting to see how Fred and GBH play in Pakistan.
This game will be a good chance for Imran Farhat and Hasan Raza to give the selectors a headache. If Raza does well in this game, it would be pretty harsh of the selectors not to pick him ahead of the out of form Kamal. Farhat may not be in the squad but if he does well here, it will give the selectors another option for the 2nd/3rd Test if Butt doesn't do anything. I know BW said we would stick with the same opening pair (Malik/Butt) but imagine if Farhat scores a century and a fifty in this game, will they still ignore him?

It will also be a good chance for Shahid Nazir and Mohd. Asif to show what they can do. Nazir in particular has supposedly been unlucky not to have played anywhere for Pakistan in the last couple of years so it's time for him to show the selectors what he's got.
Billy said:
I wish Jonah were there.
yup :(. We'll save him for the proper opposition in February. We won't risk him for this bunch of jokers.
RH said:
yup :(. We'll save him for the proper opposition in February. We won't risk him for this bunch of jokers.

That is fair, I mean Jones would do superb in Pakistan. He would be reversing the ball after 10 overs here...once the Pakistani batsmen are done roughing up the ball from hitting it to the fence so much.

I mean know we can just leave that job to Sehwag...
RH said:
yup :(. We'll save him for the proper opposition in February. We won't risk him for this bunch of jokers.

:19: keep them coming!
Originally Posted by RH
. We'll save him for the proper opposition in February. We won't risk him for this bunch of jokers.

You mean a proper opposition like the Patron's X1? ;-)
RH said:
yup :(. We'll save him for the proper opposition in February. We won't risk him for this bunch of jokers.

i cant wait till we thrash u lot
RH said:
yup :(. We'll save him for the proper opposition in February. We won't risk him for this bunch of jokers.
Yeah, the same lot that thrashed you in your own backyard last time in Test series.

Umpires: Salim Badar, Mian Mohammad Aslam
Pakistan A: Taufeeq Umar, Imran Farhat, Shahid Yousuf, Hasan Raza, Faisal Athar, Mansoor Amjad, Amin ur-Rehman, Arshad Khan, Mohammad Asif, Shahid Nazir, Mohammad Khalil
England: A J Strauss, M E Trescothick, M P Vaughan, K P Pietersen, P D Collingwood, A Flintoff, G O Jones, A F Giles, S D Udal, S J Harmison, M J Hoggard

any links for this? I expected PTV 1 to show it, but i guess they didnt
Marooned said:
Wah wah Shahid Nazir what a great bowler. The right-handed Wasim of course.

1 Wicket and a Right Handed Akram...then we take the mickey of Indians :21:
pieterson edged a boundary

nazir nearly picks up as Vaughan edges towards 2nd slip. But, ball died b4 reached him.
lol marooned. Man these Pommies seem to be falling like a house of cards these days. Shoaiby and Rana can potentialy nail them unless ofcource...Multan isn't a sporting track.
apparently its 34/3 now...nazir takes another one, this time edged to the wicky amin-ur-rehman
Man, usman this stream u have provided is just a boring interview with a coronation street actor!!, 34-3, danger man pietersen out!!!
Naz said:
Man, usman this stream u have provided is just a boring interview with a coronation street actor!!, 34-3, danger man pietersen out!!!

updates evry 30mins
I have been pressing for Nazir for so long, it is soon he wil get his chance. What about Asif? Many of you laughed at him but I still think he has alot of potential. Alot of banana swing and if he has Rana work ethic he can achieve new heights.
40/5, Asif gets Vaughan and Collingwood. Come back Ian Bell, all is forgiven
Vaughan said that Eng are going to field their real test 11 this time since its their last practise match..

England looking to be all out below 80...

and i'm confident that i'm not speaking to soon :24:
salman: they would have done it, if they would have najaf and arfat in their team BUT sadly khalil and arshad is the back up bowler and flintoff would thrash them
Watch their recovery now when they play against the frighteningly slow pace of the Missille Man AKA Khalil and the 'No Turn' off spinning Grandpa :12:
Flintoff gone...M. Asif 5 wickets :O
asif taking so man ywkts?
somethin'gs wrong

Maybe he read about my 'Daal powered' secret recipe that Mr. Ghunda Man AKA Kapil used with huge success :D ;-)
Monsee said:
Flintoff gone...M. Asif 5 wickets :O

BW did say he had improved and started swinging again..

wait he also said that about Khalil...could it be??
53 for 7, Asif has 5 for 40

edit: note to self: refresh page before posting updates
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Can we expect the same from Shoaib and Co. :21:

Bowling O M R W
Shahid Nazir 9 5 13 2
Mohammad Asif 9 1 40 5 (5w)

BTW, look at Asif's figures, he has given away 40 runs in 9 overs...Nazir only 13

:19: :14:
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this is what myself and a friend did in an inter-house game at school
wrapped them up in the opening spell
now wasim and mcgrath have done the same!

where can i get a frequent updated scorecard from?
Wowsers, cant believe there for 7. It must be moving ALOT out there. However, i wouldnt get too excited as the selectors have decided on a completely different pace attack for the Pakistan lineup. Shoaib, Sami and Shabbir move it much less than their slower counterparts of Navid and Nazir. Personally i hope they mix our pace attack up now, especially after seeing the first 2 matches.
I say..for the tests lets make full green top our back-up bowlers...Arafat, Najaf, M.Asif.....with our full strength batting
England jeet ke dekhaye....:D:D