Pakistan U19s (155) through to the semi-finals with a narrow 5-run win over Bangladesh U19s (150) in their last Super-6 game of ICC U19 World Cup 2024

Zeeshan has looked the least threatening. He seems to be trying too hard hence poor control
Ubaid Shah with the 4th wicket of the match. He turns up whenever the team needs him.

I reckon we're in a treat to watch both Ubaid and Naseem bowl together with the new ball in the PSL.
I would only bring a spinner if pacers need a breather. Because these 4 pacers are doing the job right now and the game won't likely go beyond 40 overs so just bowl all 40 overs of pacers. If you don't take the last 4 wickets, you don't - game over.
Does Anyone know how Asfand got selected? Good family background or political selection
Decent fight from the boys here.

Looked like a gone game early on.
Parchi useless Asfand on. Looks like he bowls because of his connection
Bangladesh have to win within 38.1 overs to overtake Pakistan's NRR.

They need 49 runs from 13.1 overs to do that. 4 wickets in hand.
Should be easier for Bangladesh if they play calmly. Asfand, Zeeshan they need to score

Only 4 wickets in hand.

I think Pakistan are favorites. One of the batters is having a cramp. Pitch doesn't seem easy to bat on.
This is the phase. Next 8-10 overs will decide the match. About time to bowl out your best bowlers now.
Ubaid has 1 more over left after this over.

He has been the best bowler. Took 4 wickets.
Ubaid Shah dropped another match turning catch. This was dolly 10/10 times you would take it.
Such a poor fielder this Ubaid Shah is.Lost game with his 2 simple drops
Ubaidyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Will he be forgiven after dropping a dolly?
Earlier in the commentary Ian Bishop raised a good point about managing and looking after progress of these fast bowlers.

He said if he were in charge of board, he would use the resources he has to get the best coaches in high performance center and get guys like Ubaid and Zeeshan to work under those specialized coaches before dispersing them in domestic cricket and PSL.
5-fer for Ubaid Shah! Too little too late? Pakistan need 3 more wickets and Ubaid Shah's 10 overs quota is about to end now.
8.1 overs and 33 needed. First time rate has jumped to 4. Can they be disciplined? Can they win?