Pakistan v Australia | 4th ODI | Abu Dhabi | 01/05/09 | Pakistan Innings

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Sep 25, 2007
Here we are just hours away from the start of 4th ODI between Pakistan and Australia. Kangaroos are leading this series by 2-1 and will be eager to dust out Pakistan today.

This is do or die situation for Pakistan if they don't win today they will return home empty hands which may dent their confidence ahead of T20 World Cup.

I hope we clinch it today and series on Sunday :D

Good Luck Pakistan!
Pakistan should have learned from their mistakes in the last two games. I bet they are going to make some brand new shocking mistakes today.
Extremely hot conditons - 42 in the day.

Spare a thought for the crowd - most of who will sit exposed to the sun. Now this is what I call fans !

AD stadium needs to be developed in the same way as DSC - Pakistan should refuse to play on that venue until these improvements are done. Our people are not animals.
Im hoping for a much improved pakistani batting performance but am not holding my breathe!
Amjid Javed said:
Im hoping for a much improved pakistani batting performance but am not holding my breathe!

I agree with you AA ..
Team selection will be interesting.

Not so sure if toss means anything to this team
11:30 BST I think but ARY will find a way to miss the first 50 overs....
Team combination is definitely very important.
I am expecting Misbah to come back with a decent knock this time.

I can't wait for the game to start, 2 all after this game will be sweet otherwise we can expect at least a few seniors to be DROPPED.
Lets hope we win if only to keep the series alive and make Sunday interesting. Misbah to score today
Went for Jumma - came back to my car and the temp shows 51C !!! This is seriously hot today - real test for players and fans.
I've got a good feeling about todays match - I think Pakistan will win and therefore square the series.
No Afridi threads have been started on PP for this match. I wonder why.
Whatever happens - hope Pakistan dont give up their wickets to Michael Clarke !

he had 3 too many in the last match
InshaALLAH Pakistan put in a good performance. Batting is the key. Hope the middle order fires.
Insh'Allah Pakistan will be victorious! Can't wait, 40 min left. will miss end of match cause of work!!!
Big games today for Younis Khan, Salman Butt and Sohail Tanvir for Pakistan.
Ten Sports is on as is Willow TV

And here are our fans making their way...


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Time for the toss. But ARY at their best. Their mic is useless
Umer Gul not playing and Akhtar back - 240+ is YKs forecast
Good descion to bat, bowling will be difficult in these conditions.
Looking forward to Ahmed Shazad and Butt opening. Hope the middle order clicks and they score about 240+ as Younus Khan thinks they should.
MIG said:
Umer Gul not playing and Akhtar back - 240+ is YKs forecast
The 240+ forecast is nice but its not a line in the sand - they should try and get 260+ The bowling attack needs help
Boycott is just a funny guy.

Boycott was just talking about Javed Miandad - saying that he is like a cat with nine lives, one minute he is part of the PCB, then he is out, then he is in, then he is out and so on.
I like younus khans ratta english tony asked him about the heat and he answered 3 questions at once with team info and winning total.
43 degrees centigrade ouch!

Physical exertion in such temperatures is gonna be hard work!

Survival of the fittest!
Appears like somebody had a word with Butt about his scoring rate.
Never mind...

shehzad and younis need to hold it down and keep it ticking for the next 20-30 overs
I reckon the plan for shahzad will be to bowl outside off stump and frustrate him.
Id be shocked if pakistan score over 200 here today!

Time for Captain to prove his worth!
saeed-sohail said:
oh no butt does it again.

This may prove good for Pakistan, now they will not waste 50-60 deliveries InshAllah, allways stay postive brothers
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