Pakistan v SA | World T20 | 1st Semi-final| Trent Bridge| 18/6/09 [SA Inns]

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Need a super over from umar otherwise last over will be bowled by malik
I do not think gul will bowl this over, he should bowl the last one.

Who will bowl this over then?
Looks liek Aamer will bowl the last over....unbelievable decision to not have your best bowler complete his quota!!! Why were Malik and Alam utiized?
spinners brought the game back for us. i am guessing he was thinking fawad could help. it was worth teh gamble.
From Cricinfo -

Jack Peavy from SA: "Chooooooookers..... I am so disappointed in my team. Year after year, heartbreaks.... a miracle can save us now."
Superb yorkers from Gul

24 needed off 7

Aamer to bowl the last over?
This is gone unless Perfidious Albie can do something miraculous
Thats the OVER of the World T20

Now Pak - lets win it!
23 runs needed in the last over, gul has done his job, great bowler
Dumminy has been pathetic today. We hardly needed someone to tap it around.
WE will have to watch last over with hearts in the throat.

Who is bowling last over?
Aamer to save the day....I suggest we give Alam a go...he can't do worse than the 15 run over that he bowled previously...
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