Pakistan v South Africa l 2nd Test | Dubai | 24/10/13 | Day 2

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Gotham Cronie

Test Debutant
Jun 15, 2006
Can Pakistan fight back on Day 2?

How much of a lead can South Africa take? How much will ensure a win?
a hat trick might do something for Pakistan otherwise its tough if we can restrict to 240 then there is a slim chance otherwise :(
Some hard work needed from bowlers like lead should be restricted to 100 or else forget about winning this series.
With lead b/w 100-150 Pakistan may have a slight chance if they can bat well in 2nd innings and set a target of around 200...

Lead above 150, Pak wont have any chance of comeback
unless we do a 7-50 this morning otherwise game is in sa's bag.
lead should be restricted to 125 not more then that and we need to bat very well next time around.
Dav has looked so dejected since yesterday, its almost as if he has already given up
I dont like this approach of opening with Irfan...

We dont have much to play with, and Spinners should be bowling straight away
We need spin from both ends, only if they fail we should revert to fast bowlers
SA will not throw away wickets like pakistan did , you will have to bowl good balls to get them out
Irfan should make the batsman play, he has bowled rubbish line so far today
Take Irfan off :facepalm:

We need to attack them, Irfan bowling easy "Leave me deliveries"
Irfan will never be a test standard bowler struggle so see him average less then 40 in test cricket he just has no other tools barring his bounce.
Junaid Khan would be a better option early when the pitch is juciest.
Keep chipping away at them. We can handle it , if they take a lead of 150.
Well this could prove very costly ....

Dropping AB on 0, Cant bat, Cant keep Adnan, What is he doing in the team
Well, thank you for enjoying this Test Series guys, that drop is going to cost us that match.
That could well bean other match dropped by an Akmal.
AB dropped, OMG!

All these Akmals have a habit of spilling chances at the worst possible time..
yeh drop na hota 100 ki lead bhi nahi hoti!

buhtu bara chance miss kar gaya adnan akmal :(
Why are we giving AB a single off his first ball? to long on? worst captaincy ever
I admit hes not been consistent with his line but i think he's one of those bowlers who can turn the game on its head in a spell or two.

No, he cant, At best he can get 1 or 2 wickets with new ball, after that he's pretty ineffective
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