Pakistan v West Indies | ICC Champions Trophy | 07/06/13 | West Indies Innings

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In CT history, Has their been any hatrick in past? This game will be very well set if their comes a hattrick.
well, all the hardwork done at wasim's camp should come to of good use now
Key is Gayle.

If he stays there longer than 5-6 overs the game could come to a abrupt end.
last time Pakistan played at Oval
V England
scored 241
Bowled out England on 218
England opening pair scored 70 run,s up fornt
Umar gul 6/42
The team will play for Misbah after his captain's innings
Juni bhai will bowl out of his skins today and have WI struggling at 20-7. In sha Allah.
LOL what is Charles going to do against Junaid's inswing?
i would love to watch irfan hitting a couple of nasty ones on gayle's helmet :yk
Gayle is my favourite batsman but this is one of those few times I hope he gets out clean bowled by :junaid
both batsman and bowler have shown their intent in that over. Charles will go for his shots and not let Irfan threat too much. Irfan will try to take wickets and show aggression
Gayle is weaker against left armers. Junaid will have a good chance if he gets it to swing.
Non threatening from irfan.....

FFS move the bloody new cherry under cloudy conditions.
now we shall see if its swinging or no... last ball had just a bit of movement!
Single, just a bit of movement off the pitch.
Gayle trying not to face the new ball lol taking single very first ball
Good length, swinging back but started on middle.
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