Pakistan vs Sri Lanka | 2nd Test | Dubai | 10/01/14 | Day 3

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As Bilwal Bhatti had done is hamstring

i think Ehsan Adil or Sadaf Hussain should be Added in Test squad

for Next test match Rahat,Bhatti out Talha And Ehsan adil or Sadaf in
Jayawardene makes no mistake behind the stumps. Very poor and hesitant prod from Shezhad takes the outside edge
Just goes to show how important a good wicketkeeper is. It's not a part time job.
Another couple and SL are into the tail

Like all other New Pakistan batters , Shehzad also showing how bad Pakistan first class is
Horrible wicket to lose just before lunch. Could change the momentum of the game
All these over rated names are useless , after :misbah and :yk go , Pakistan would be loosing almost everything
Pathetic stuff , Pakistan batsmen are really poor , they need a solid coach at lower level.
Herath is going to be very venomous. Pitch has turn and bounce for spinners.
So either Shehzad sucks or the pitch is spinning too much for any of our batsmen to survive on any longer than he did.

I guess time will tell.
Tuk Tuk on the cards

Watch Pakistan go into a purely defensive mode after lunch by blocking ball after ball. This is the worst tactic as it will allow the SL bowlers to regain the upper hand and throttle Pakistan into mistakes, blunders and fall of wickets. SL victory would be certain.
The defensive mindset of Pakistani batsmen is their downfall. Easy to predict.
I'm thinking innings loss. When our batsmen fail once they are 9/10 times bound to fail again. Especially even if pitch is doing the slightest thing
they should bat today and tomorrow and look to score 500 runs. 300 runs on the last day would get the better of sl
Shezhad should have been careful, he was looking so solid and in crisp form but once again he has got out early in this test. I thought khurram would go first as he was living dangerously before lunch. Big contributions required from everyone if Pakistan is to survive this test.
Just goes to show why test cricket is the real deal ! Really exposes the competencies or lack of, for most players !
some real nothing players in this side....hafeez sarfaraz rahat shafiq....pathetic bunch
That was a tailender prod from Hafeez. No footwork. All the pressure on YK (and Misbah) now

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Why the hell is Hafeez in team , dumb selectors and captain cant they understand Test and ODI's have a vast difference , one of the rubbish player to play Test cricket for Pakistan
Let it be heralded that Pak generosity knows no limits!!!!
We gift a test win to Zim, exhibit our trademark lack of killer instinct by leting SL off the hook in the first test, and now we are gift wrapping this test!! Amazing, truly....
Look how far Hafeez was playing from his body

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LOL Cant just think of saying anything now? Just feel like laughing at these clowns

The idiot selectors picking a test team based on one day and T 20 performance
Abdul Latif: "This is why hafeez is not a reliable batsman. Whenever the team is in pressure, he has not supported the team."

Another hesitant prod from Khurram almost carries to first slip

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Little Herath if you play your cards right here there is a 5 wicket haul for you the pitch is turning a little
our captain cool said hafeez and shahzad show form in odi's against sri lanaka on green pitches of UAE..
I reckon SL should bring on Eranga to get Khurram out

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Khurram will need to take some pressure off YK
dale pradeep getting the better of hafeez again today.
That Junaid-Herath "chat", was it friendly or what? And what language did they use, don't tell me Junaid knows English, and there's no way Herath can speak Urdu or Pashto.
That Junaid-Herath "chat", was it friendly or what? And what language did they use, don't tell me Junaid knows English, and there's no way Herath can speak Urdu or Pashto.

Junaid can speak sinhala
Khurram Manzoor should go and audition for soome dance show !

Pathetic player !
And to think in a thread further down the site someone said Pakistan would whitewash Australia in the UAE. LOL.
oh boy .khurram gone. 19-3 .say hello to Innings defeats
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