Pakistan vs Sri Lanka | 4th ODI | Abu Dhabi | 25/12/2013 | Pakistan Innings

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Apr 16, 2006
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Pakistan need a very-chaseable 226.

Can they do it?
I don't know. Pakistan is horrible at chasing. We might just lose this. Still hoping for the best.
Hopefully we win this Match with Ease

and we see Anwar,Haris Sohail in next one
they better win this. Else we wont get to see haris in the next game.
Pakistan just need to get off to a positive start in 1st ten overs, the Req Runrate isnt massive so if we get off to a good start then this should be a relativly easy run chase. Just like last 3 matches we need one of our top 3 to score a 100 here.
Watch out for Kula's swing here Sharjeel
Easy Sharjeel, if you had hit it a bit better you were a gonner
Well we should be able to do it.. On a flat pitch our bowlers have given them a below par total.
Russel should be Lanka's Coach rather than a commentator. He can't see anything else than SL.
Great , Finally Kula shown where he belongs.

NO Mercy should be shown, just kick him out of the attack.
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