Pakistan vs Sri Lanka | Asia Cup | Dhaka | 15/3/12 | 2nd Innings

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Feb 13, 2010
Pakistan need 189 to win and almost certainly book a spot for the Final of Asia Cup.
How a "bonus point" is won in an ODI :-

If the winning team can keep their run rate 1.25 times more than the team they beat - they win the bonus point from that match. For example, If Australia bats first and make 250 runs, Indian team needs to win the match at a run rate of (250/50)* 1.25. Which equals to 6.25 runs per over. Which in turn means that India must win the match in 40.1 overs (251/6.25) or of course - less than that.

In case India bats first and needs to win the bonus point after scoring 250 from 50 overs, they need to restrict Australia from scoring more than 187 runs. This is calculated as India's batting run rate was 5. To have a run rate 1.25 time better than Australia, India must not let Australia score more than 3.75 (5-1.25) as a run rate. Thus a total of no more than 187 from 50 Overs for Australia while batting second.
We need to chase the target in 35 overs to get a bonus point and seal a spot at the final.
Looking forward to the chase, we should look to play aggressively, try make single doubles, put away the bad balls. SL don't have a very threatening attack, so we should be comfortable, I think
Not really Sir, this is Pakistan cricket. Expect a close, thrilling match. Our mediocre batting can make a game out of anything, trust me.
We don't 'need' a bonus point. Win the match and you're in the final. SL will have lost two games and Bangladesh will get mauled by pretty much anyone who undertands the rules of cricket. It's a done deal, don't try to be brave Pakistan, just win the match!
Sensible batting and we should be ok inshallah.

Dont care if we win with Bonus point or without.
Just play every ball on merit and win the match InshaAllah.

I doubt Bangladesh will beat SL or India. So if we win this one we will play India twice.
Lol they have Malinga as right arm medium
this is some disgraceful batting from Pakistan. Hafeez should play more positively.
Off to a flying start if nothing else.
what happend with our openers today. 3 overs 2 runs and so many appeals. lol
this is some disgraceful batting from Pakistan. Hafeez should play more positively.
no need to take risks. All they need to do is tuk. The score to chase is so low that they can just play risk free
Just a bit of offensive before all those appeals turn into a wicket...just saying :)
Pakistan just need to see off Malinga here, no need to panic, just a solid start needed

Pak 3/0
There goes any thought of the bonus point
Pakistan doing same error as England did against Pakistan in test match ? TUK TUK TUK and TUK. Need to rotate strike cant just block every ball.
going into a shell is never a good thing for us, at least rotate strike
They bat like this and than Younis and misbah still to bat. can we chase 189 in 50 overs?
This kind of batting could easity turn the match against you.. quick wickets now would put em in a real spot of bother.
Pakistan making this flat track look good for bowling. You don't need to make the RR go up to 5 each time.
Finally Nasir shows he wants to score. 4 runs.
"How did that escape the umpire's scope?!???!!!"

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