PakPassion Live Updates from Sussex versus Hampshire

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Jun 1, 2001
Hi all,

I'm at the County Ground Sussex and will be providing you with live updates from this mouthwatering clash.

Of course the added interest is that Rana Naved, Umar Gul, Shahid Afridi and Imran Tahir are likely to be involved in this match :)

Bright sunny day which is always nice.

You can also follow my updates on twitter - @Saj_PakPassion

I will also of course have pictures which will be posted via twitter and added to PakPassion in a couple of days time.
Just had a lengthy chat with Rana Bhai, Naved Arif too.

Also just had a quick word with Afridi and Imran Tahir.
And here are the pics

1. Afridi and Rana share a thought/joke/tactics ?


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Afridi opens the innings.

Looked focussed as he walked past me today.
Good opening over from Naved Arif.

3 for 0 Hampshire.
Mrs Umar Gul in the house today.

A loving glance from Umar to her as he walked onto the field.
Any commentary links available?

Cricinfo is too slow. :(
Big six from Adams into the crowd.

Hampshire 21 for 0 in the third over.

Afridi playing very sensibly at the moment, taking his time.
Another single from Afridi. straight drive.

Hampshire 22 for 0.

Good yorker from Naved Arif.
Whats this tuk tuk batting Afridi ;)

I havent come all this way to see you tapping the ball around :)

22 for 0 from 3 overs.
consecutive wides.

Sussex bowlers banging the ball short into Afridi.
First boundary for Afridi.

Pulled one to deep square.

28 for 0
Adams batting well.

Lovely straight drive for 4

34 for 0 after 4 overs. Here's Gully
Hampshire move onto 40 for 0.

Bulk of the strike has been with Adams who is on 29 and Afridi on 7.

Nearly a run out there.
Good shot by Adams, over mid on for 4.
Naved Arif back into the attack.

Another single for Afridi, 45 for 0 in the 6th over.
4 for Afridi.

Makes room at hits it just over cover.
Good yorker from Arif, single to Afridi.
First wicket.

Adams goes, leg before to Naved Arif.
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